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Is “Made in Britain” the new buzz phrase?

Anyone who has read a lingerie magazine, blog, or been on any of the numerous social networking sites recently would have seen the uproar at Mary Portas’ claim that she is “turning the lights back on Great British manufacturing”. With each new article on her range of Kinky Knickers we were all disappointed to hear her dismiss all the UK designers who have been proudly designing and manufacturing in the UK for years. But with each article also comes news that more and more labels are re-evaluating how and where their production is done. Sir Philip Green has promised to look into how the Arcadia Group can boost production in the UK, whilst River Island have introduced a UK made...

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5 Pieces Of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

We are pleased to announace we have our first guest post by Ally Teal from lingerie blog Guilty Pleasures. Ally is a   fashion lover and a lingerie passionate. She loves to travel   and discover new lingerie brands from all over the world. She shares her personal insight on the amazing world of lingerie at, a blog about lingerie we all covet. Her work is meant to reflect her strong belief that lingerie is about expressing oneself and embracing our pleasures with total confidence in who we are. Hope you enjoy her post! x As time passes by, the world as we know it changes. Values change, desires arise, needs grow. But there is one thing that remains the...

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