Easy, Sustainable Habits Everyone Can Commit To This Earth Day

Easy, Sustainable Habits Everyone Can Commit To This Earth Day

The impacts of climate change grow more and more apparent each year. We find ourselves at a vital point in our planet’s history, where the power is in our hands to turn the tide of global warming. While change must occur on a mass scale, there are easy, sustainable habits we can all pick up in order to play our part. 

What is Earth Day and why is it important?

Earth Day is an environmental holiday marked annually on the 22nd of April. Since the early 1970s, countries across the world use the occasion to raise awareness of the need for environmental preservation. It's an important yearly event to honour the achievements of a growing environmental movement and celebrate eco-friendly habits we can all adopt.

5 sustainable habits you can start TODAY 

  • Clear out your email inbox weekly
  • Did you know that an overflowing inbox means more greenhouse gas pollution? The energy required to store old or spam emails contributes to a larger carbon footprint. 

    Set aside a day each week to delete old emails, you could also use a free app like Unroll.Me to clean up your inbox and unsubscribe you from unwanted emails and newsletters. 

  • Go meatless a few days a week
  • The meat industry is one of the biggest culprits for contributing to a growing carbon footprint. Try adopting a meatless diet for part of your week (or at least drop your beef consumption). Here’s an article with some useful tips for weening yourself off a meat-heavy diet. 

  • Shop smart and local 
  • Our collective shopping habits can make a big difference to global pollution. The art of sustainable shopping lies in purchasing out of necessity rather than want, contributing to a local economy, and putting your money into businesses with an eco-conscious mindset, just like us here at Ayten Gasson.

    If you’re a fellow Brighton dweller, take a browse through this collection of independent, local shops, restaurants and hotels to show your support to. 

    Some of our favourites include Sophie Darling and Dowse in the North Laines, Brass Monkey on Hanningtons Lane (the best ice cream ever!) and Preloved of Brighton in Fiveways. 

    Sophie Darling Boutique

  • Avoid food waste
  • So much of the food we purchase ends up going to waste, contributing to a growth in greenhouse gas emissions. Rather than throwing out your leftovers, freeze them or save them for a meal the next day. 

    You could start by using a meal planning app like MealPrepPro to ensure you never buy more produce than necessary during your weekly shop. 

  • Invest in a quality tote bag
  • Plastic shopping bags take over 300 years to degrade on landfill sites, adding to our waste pollution problem. Secure yourself a dependable, roomy tote bag to carry whenever you go shopping, and avoid the need to reach for single-use plastic options. 

    This bag from female-owned, sustainable brand Noelle is not only planet-conscious, but super stylish to boot! 

    Noelle String Bag

    Every day is Earth Day at Ayten Gasson

    We’re a business driven by a desire for sustainable lingerie pieces and practices. If you fancy some more informative reading this Earth Day, you can find out all about the eco-consciousness that goes into every one of our products on our website. 

    We’re always on the lookout to make Ayten Gasson even more sustainable. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for improving our practices, please don't hesitate to reach out or drop us a message on our social media @aytengasson.


    Words by Alice Hartwell for Ayten Gasson