Dopamine Dressing - Using Colourful Lingerie To Brighten Your Mood

Dopamine Dressing - Using Colourful Lingerie To Brighten Your Mood

You’ve likely heard the term “dopamine dressing” being thrown around quite a bit lately. This is a concept that believes we can literally dress ourselves happier with bright colours and mood-enhancing patterns. 

But what about when it comes to your underwear? If loud, bright clothing just isn’t your thing, there’s no reason you can’t harness the positive effects of dopamine dressing with your daily lingerie choices. 

What is dopamine dressing?

Dopamine dressing refers to an intentional practice of wearing bright, colourful or enjoyable clothing as a method of boosting your well-being. It’s rooted in the belief that our fashion choices have a part to play in dictating our daily moods. The happiness that can come from wearing “fun” clothing or pieces we love is due to a release of dopamine (aka our pleasure chemical), and so the term was coined. 

So what’s the science behind it all? Well, dopamine dressing is linked to how our brains process visual cues like colour. Certain shades have been found to activate dopamine release, leaving feelings of motivation and happiness. This is great news for the fashion-bold among us, but what about those who feel intimated by bold, bright outfits?

Dopamine Dressing Silk Knickers

Can our underwear choices affect our mood?

If you tend to shy away from patterns and colour in your daily fashion, try embracing dopamine dressing when it comes to your lingerie instead. Take a colourful set for a whirl under your everyday outfits and see if it drives your confidence. Dig out those treasured pieces you save for special occasions and instead enjoy them daily as a well-loved part of your wardrobe. 

At Ayten Gasson we consider wearing lingerie an act of self-care. It’s another small step you can take to feel comfortable, confident and prepared to take on whatever the world has to throw at you. We task you to try out dopamine dressing for yourself this week, and we’ve got the perfect mood-boosting pieces to get you on the right track!

Our dopamine-boosting lingerie picks

Scarlett Red Silk Set:

Bold and eye-catching, our Scarlett silk underwire bra and knickers are the perfect pair to add a dose of daily sensuality. Found to increase feelings of excitement and energy, no dopamine-friendly underwear drawer is complete without some sexy, red pieces. The real feel-good factor? Our Scarlett Red Silk Set (like all Ayten Gasson lingerie) is completely sustainable and ethically made.


Florus Liberty Silk & Lack Set:

Floral prints provide an undeniable hit of happiness. This luxury set is made using Belgravia silk satin by Liberty London and features colourful rose prints, fitting for any dopamine wardrobe. 

Beatrix Emereld Green Silk Set:

Expertly crafted with shimmering emerald silk and mint lace, this set is the definition of feel-good lingerie. Perfect for those wanting to embrace bold colours as we move out of a dreary winter. 

Slip on some mood-lifting knickers:

We’ve recently launched our most dopamine-fuelled range of knickers to date! To celebrate moving into the spring and summer months, you can now shop a new set of bright and floral pieces. Here are some of our favourites!


Boasting an exquisite, gold-hued silk fabric and a matching Oeko-Tex certified gallon lace front, these hand-crafted knickers deliver dependable comfort and chic style.

Kantha Ribbon Liberty Silk KnickerKantha Ribbon 

Crafted from 100% Liberty Silk Crepe de Chine, combining a print of flower and foliage forms with wave-like ribbons and adornments. Finishing touches include teal green lace side trimmings and gold-coloured elastic.

Bonnie Fuchsia Silk KnickerBonnie

A combination of Fuchsia silk and Oeko-Tex Class I Standard certified narrow pink lace detailing along the front.

Forbidden Orchard Liberty Knicker Forbidden Orchard

100% Liberty Belgravia silk knicker featuring a print of vivid florals and exotic birds within a citrus fruit motif, famously developed by the prestigious Liberty London.

Shop our Dopamine inspired collections here

Words by Alice Hartwell for Ayten Gasson