Get To Know Chanty Lace: Our Eco-friendly Fabric Supplier

Get To Know Chanty Lace: Our Eco-friendly Fabric Supplier

Sometimes sourcing the most eco-friendly fabrics for our customers requires us to go a little further afield. It’s so important to us here at Ayten Gasson that all of our suppliers and vendors share our passion for sustainability and non-negotiable approach to ethics. Today we wanted to tell you a little more about a supplier whose conscious fabrics form some of your favourite AG pieces. Meet Chanty Lace. 

Chanty Lace

Who are Chanty Lace?

Based in Germany, Chanty Lace is a sustainable clothing materials supplier and brand, offering a range of responsible laces for small businesses just like ours. We choose to purchase fabric for our lingerie and nightwear garments from Chanty Lace because of their steadfast dedication to sustainable sourcing and an unwavering approach to compliance and ethics. All of their organic lace is manufactured, dyed and processed in their German plant, ensuring to maintain their part within a sustainable supply chain and following strict regulations. 

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More about their eco-friendly practices and fabrics 

Certified by Oekotex®

All Chanty laces have been certified as skin-friendly and awarded a standard 100 by Oekotex®. This means their materials have undergone rigorous and thorough testing to ensure they meet strict environmental and safety standards. 

Responsible sourcing 

Chanty Lace has the highest regard for nature and our environment, ensuring responsible sourcing and strict ethics at every stage of their lace production. While holding themselves to this standard, this is also expected with any other businesses and vendors they partner with.

GRS certified locations

All Chanty Lace factories are GRS certified, or “Global Reycyling Standard”. It signifies the locations are adhering to strict policies related to the production and processing of recycled materials. It’s an international certification programme that focuses on sustainability and total transparency within the textile industry. 

Hazard-free dyeing process

Working with a dyehouse close to their factories to reduce carbon emissions, Chanty Lace looks to make their dye process as safe and sustainable as possible. All materials used in this stage of production are safe to handle and avoid the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. They are currently in the process of looking to create a dyeing procedure that’s totally natural, for further reduced impact on the materials and environment.

Re-use of materials 

In order to limit the production of waste, Chanty Lace looks to recycle and reuse materials in their production processes where possible. All cartons, packaging and padding are given a second life if this is able to be done safely. 

Energy conservation

Chanty Lace conserves their energy output by installing movement sensors for all lights in their locations. This reduces energy consumption and therefore their contribution to greenhouse gasses. LED lights with long-life duration are also used to be more energy-conscious. 

Repurposing leftovers

Nothing goes to waste at Chanty Lace. Any leftover material or lace is never thrown out, a rule we also adopt here at Ayten Gasson. Instead, this surplus fabric is upcycled into accessories or even handed out to workers within the business. 

How we use Chanty Lace at Ayten Gasson

As a luxury lingerie business, we certainly get through our fair share of lace. We can now do so more consciously than ever with an eco-friendly fabric supplier like Chanty Lace. You can find their lace adorning a range of our garments, including the Dawn, Ava and Selena collections. You can shop our sustainable lace products below and find out more about Chanty Lace on their website here.