5 Benefits Of In-house Manufacturing (and Why We Stopped Outsourcing)

5 Benefits Of In-house Manufacturing (and Why We Stopped Outsourcing)

The journey of Ayten Gasson has been one of transformation, and that includes our approach to production. While initially our brand outsourced to London factories to create our silk lingerie and nightwear, it was back in 2012 that founder Ayten decided to move all production in-house, keeping Ayten Gasson under one roof and never looking back! Here are 5 ways in-house manufacturing benefits our business, customers and planet for the better.

What does “in-house manufacturing” mean?

If a garment is made “in-house”, all production happens within the facilities of a company or brand. That means that all designing, garment creation and order packing at Ayten Gasson happens right here in our Hove studio. This is in contrast to outsourcing, which is when businesses use third-party manufacturers. We maintain complete control of our entire production process, from sourcing sustainable fabrics to those final, finishing stitches. 

Ayten Gasson Studio

  • Greater quality control
  • As a luxury silkwear brand that designs lingerie to be loved for a lifetime, quality means everything to us. Our in-house manufacturing means each and every order can be personally assessed by Ayten to ensure the quality aligns with our strict standards. It allows us to have a hands-on role through every stage of production to ensure our customers get the luxury silk wear they deserve and pay hard-earned money for. 

  • Faster turnaround times
  • With our in-house manufacturing, we’re able to get your handmade (and often made-to-order) items out to you quicker. When shopping with us, we offer just a 4 day turnaround time, so your order will be on its way in less than a working week. 

  • Personal customer service 
  • One of the most important ways that our in-house process benefits our customers is with a personalised approach to our customer service. Whenever you reach out to Ayten Gasson either through our social media or email, know that you’re always chatting with not only a human but the very heart of our brand, aka Ayten herself! This allows her to answer your questions directly, take onboard feedback, and quickly address any issues. 

  • Allows flexibility
  • Taking total care of production in-house also gives us far more flexibility than if we worked with third-party manufacturers. We have the ability to launch new designs and silkwear items you’ll love quickly, and also discontinue lines to replace with more sustainable alternatives. Keep an eye out for our upcoming winter collection! 

  • It’s more sustainable 
  • Our biggest brand focus over the past few years has been to make our production process and silkwear range as sustainable as possible. In-house production is a key part of helping us achieve this goal. Taking complete control of our output means we can personally select the eco-conscious fabrics and materials used to make our designs, as well as work with suppliers that align with our ethical and sustainable values. Making our designs in small runs from our studio also means we hold less deadstock, which accounts for less fabric waste. 

    While there are undoubtedly benefits to outsourcing your production, Ayten found this didn't allow her to have the creative and quality control over her brand in the way she desired. By keeping Ayten Gasson under one roof, she can take a hands-on approach, making sure every aspect of a customer order aligns with the vision she had when launching the business. 

    To find out more about our production practices, read our ethical ethos page and keep up with our blog for regular updates from behind the sewing machine. Browse and shop our range of luxury silk lingerie, nightwear and accessories here.