What Is Slow Fashion? How To Kick Your Fast Fashion Addiction

What Is Slow Fashion? How To Kick Your Fast Fashion Addiction

Fast fashion is everywhere, making it hard to avoid and a tempting spell to fall under. Cheap, easy to access and always in keeping with current trends, sounds great right? Sadly, fast fashion is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, human rights abuses, and worldwide pollution.  

Our society has become addicted to fast fashion and fast living in general, hooked on habits of instant gratification. The slow fashion movement attempts to conquer this culture, for the good of our planet and wellbeing. 

What do we mean by slow fashion?

The slow fashion movement is defined by a sustainable, ethical and considered shopping approach. Unlike fast fashion, (which capitalises on overconsumption and cheap, fast materials and practices) slow fashion encourages sustainability, fair labour and a “less is more” mindset. 

5 ways to instantly slow down your shopping habits

  • Delete shopping apps from your phone
  • How many times have you been tempted into a quick, thoughtless purchase after notifications of an “unmissable, biggest ever, only for the next few hours” sale? If you’re easily drawn in by sales and discounts, unsubscribe, turn off notifications or completely delete shopping apps from your phone. Make a rule that you’ll only ever visit online stores with a purpose. 

  • Implement the 2 week rule
  • To limit the effects of overconsumption, and actually take joy in the clothes you buy, try implementing a 2 week rule. Instead of buying something you like instantly, wait 2 weeks. If after that time you still want the item, buy it. This will help you make a fully considered decision, protect the planet and save money on pointless purchases.

    Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying something new:

    “Do I want this because I like it or because someone told me I should like it?”

    “Am I just buying it because it’s discounted or on sale? Would I buy it at full price?”

    “Will I feel comfortable and confident wearing this?”

  • Support small businesses passionate about sustainability 
  • The best way you can limit the effects of fast fashion is to stop giving your money to those that promote it. Instead, shop smaller with businesses that use sustainable materials and practices. Ayten Gasson is an ethical brand that shuns fast fashion and encourages thoughtful, investment purchases of lingerie to fall in love with. 

  • Embrace being an outfit repeater 
  • There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit repeatedly, despite what social media makes you think. It’s more sustainable and eco-conscious, plus it allows you to get real wear out of your most cherished pieces. 

  • Quality over quantity
  • Just because you can buy 5 items for £20 doesn't mean you should, or that you need to. Save up your money to put towards pricer investment pieces that stand the test of time.

    Ayten Gasson Slow Fashion

    Shopping slower with Ayten Gasson

    A slow approach to fashion is at the core of our design and production process. Working from a seaside studio in Hove, we create a range of sustainable silk lingerie and nightwear in small batches, to be shopped with genuine love and care.  

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    Words by Alice Hartwell for Ayten Gasson