The Different Luxurious Fabrics We Use

The Different Luxurious Fabrics We Use

We use a wide range of fabrics across our lingerie and nightwear collections, depending on the function of the garment. Whilst we mainly specialise in silk nightwear, we would also like to highlight some of the other materials used for our pieces.

1. Silk: We try to use as many natural fibres as possible, and silk is usually the most luxurious choice. Silk is strong, meaning your lingerie will last longer, whilst also being breathable. The lightweight nature of the fabric is perfect for keeping you cool at night and throughout the day.

2. Bamboo Jersey: Our Ava range features a beautifully soft organic bamboo jersey. Bamboo fabric is breathable, absorbent, and durable, as well as being extremely soft on the skin. The bamboo fabric we have sourced has been responsibly and ethically processed, with no chemical pesticides used.

3. Organic Cotton: Our Eva range has been constructed using 100% organic cotton pointelle jersey fabric. As it is strong and soft in nature, this fabric keeps you cosy and comfortable. It also has the added benefits of being breathable and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

4. Recycled Lace: The bra cups and knicker side panels in our Ava range are made out of lace from Chanty.Lace in Germany. This lace features 17.96% recycled elastane, produced by using waste during warping, residual yarns, and other pre-consumer waste.

5. English Cotton Lace: Most of the laces used to trim our pieces are from The Cluny Lace Company, who produce their cotton laces in Nottingham using traditional Leavers machines.

6. Vintage Lace: Any other rigid lace we use for our garments is vintage lace, often sourced from markets or found online. We have used vintage laces in our Nina and Kenza bras. These laces often showcase beautiful designs embroidered onto tulle fabric.