Fashion Revolution Day #whomademyclothes April 24 2015

Friday 24th April marks two year since 1,133 people lost their lives when a factory collapsed in Bangladesh. Another 2,400 were injured. The workers that were killed were making clothes for a number of very well-known brands. This horrific accident caused people to stop and think who actually makes the clothes they wear - and what conditions they might work in.

For the second year running, Fashion Revolution Day – on the anniversary of the disaster – will see tens of thousands of people commemorate the event in the hope of bringing about increased transparency in fashion’s supply chain.

Here at Ayten Gasson I have always tried to source ethically and from the UK. All our lingerie is made in this country – much of it in our Brighton studio – and I am passionate about making it impossible for events like the Bangladesh disaster to ever happen again.


I learnt how to design and sew from my mother – and she learnt from her mother before that – and I believe that we should be doing everything we can to keep these skills and knowledge alive – and passing it on to the next generation. I started my business after witnessing the sad demise of UK industry with thousands of people – including members of my own family - losing their jobs in the process.


I am proud to say that everything we produce is made in the UK but I understand that not everyone can afford to do that. I also personally understand how difficult it is to always buy so ethically. Budgets, family responsibilities and life in general mean that you can’t always shop the way you would like to. But just having a few items of locally, ethically sourced garments in your wardrobe is a start.


If we all try and make an effort with our shopping habits then hopefully disasters like the one that happened in Bangladesh two years ago will never happen again.

That is why I’m supporting Fashion Revolution Day.


Ayten Gasson to collaborate with author Tamara Dumas to showcase new collection March 09 2015

We are very pleased to announce we will be showcasing our new collection during a live performance at the launch of Tamara Dumas’ new book While You Were Awake on Wednesday 11th March 2015.

The performance will be held in London’s magnificent NinetyEight Bar and will feature a stunning selection of key pieces from our summer collection. Gold, plum, black and peach silk lingerie, trimmed with vintage Nottingham lace will be matched with vintage Liberty print silk bed jackets and elegant English lace robes. Silk eye masks and padded cuffs will provide the striking finishing touches to each outfit.  


In While You Were Awake we are introduced to a girl, but not told her name. She is having dinner with a man whose name she has forgotten. It is a pattern of her life, established in her teens. Men come and go and are now nothing but a distant memory. Names and places forgotten.

The man’s plans for the evening involve a trip to an elite sex club where there are very few rules, except for the obligatory wearing of masks. He is following the wishes of someone else and he is only the means by which the girl is passed to somebody else.

Who is using who and who is trying to control them both?

This novel by Tamara Dumas is an intriguing story with dark undertones and the reader is kept guessing right to the end.


Tamara Dumas was born and raised in a small town in Estonia. Soon after completing her university studies, she moved to London in pursuit of a career in life coaching.

While You Were Awake is her first book. She is currently working on her second book, TH!NK, which will be the first instalment in a planned series.



Lovebomb 2015 February 09 2015

We are very happy to announce that for the fourth year running we have teamed up with five amazingly talented UK brands for the LINGERIE LOVEBOMB, which this year includes Playful Promises, Miss Mandalay, Karolina Laskowska, Kiss Me Deadly and Sparklewren

Above: Playful Promises "Gwendolene" Teal Bra Set.

There are many reasons why us independent labels come together each year. Firstly, it is so much fun working with these guys! We also admire each others labels, offering 'swaps' when our knicker drawers need updating, and support one another with issues such as manufacturing, PR and the general frustration you have when running a small business.  

We are hoping to encourage people to look beyond the expensive, in-your-face Valentine day marketing campaigns of the giant corporate companies and look at independent and boutique brands instead.

Above: Playful Promises "Lily Frilly" Set And Vintage Robe.

To celebrate our independence and love for what we do, each brand has thought of a word that describes what they love about lingerie. We, at Ayten Gasson have chosen 'sensual' as a word that perfectly encapsulates the luxurious feel of our garments and the feeling we hope you experience when you wear them. Here are what the other fantastic independent brands came up with:

Playful Promises - REBELLION

Ayten Gasson - SENSUAL

Miss Mandalay - SUPPORT

Karolina Laskowska - JOY

Kiss Me Deadly - SILHOUETTE

Sparklewren - INDULGENCE

Each brand has also offered a discount for the entire week up until Valentine's Day. Here are the all important codes:

Playful Promises - 20% off with code "LOVEBOMB2015"

Ayten Gasson - 15% off with code "LOVE15"

Miss Mandalay – 20% off lingerie only with code “LOVEBOMB2015” 

Karolina Laskowska15% off with code “lovebomb2015”

Kiss Me Deadly - 20% off lingerie only with code "LOVEBOMB2015"

Sparklewren - 15% off a bespoke corset 

Keep an eye out on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages for further updates and some exclusive images from the week.

Photographer - Anna Swiczeniuk,

Model/MUA - Miss Deadly Red. 



A Gentleman's Guide To Knickers November 25 2014

It doesn’t matter how old a man – or boy – is, from the most awkward teenager to the most urbane, confident mature gentleman. One thing unites most males – knickers. In particular the feeling of excitement that even just the mention of the word ‘knickers’ evokes. Sure, bras are exciting too and obviously hold our attention throughout our adult life, they get all the plaudits as the beacons of titillation. But it is the underrated knicker that really gets our attention.

Bras have to be ‘worked out’. They have a (not really very) arcane and magical sizing system designed to befuddle us. Bras are not a man’s best friend. They confuse us. But knickers are a thing of simple (although admittedly, not always so simple) beauty. They are easy to work out. We know where we are with knickers. These far from complex pieces of lingerie covering up the most intimate parts of the female body are easy to understand. But that’s not saying that men can’t do with a bit of further education.

Sizing is vitally important, but SO much easier to find out than the aforementioned bra hieroglyphics. Small, medium and large etc is basically the extent of the knicker code – maybe with a few subsections thrown in if you want to get overly detailed. And as much as you may feel you are taking your life in your hands by deciding that the ‘large’ is nearer the truth, your partner will thank you for making the correct decision. A correct fit is better than a vanity choice. And at Ayten Gasson if the size you end up going for isn’t the right one, just let them know and they'll send out the right one. There’s no point getting a luxurious piece of beautiful lingerie if you aren’t going to make it absolutely perfect.

If you’re still a bit unsure of what to go for and your underwear knowledge is limited to boxers or briefs, here’s a quick rundown of the different types the talented people at Ayten Gasson have on offer.

Let’s start with a basic – the Brief (or Classic Knicker ). A beautiful example of this is the Dalihia. It’s a simple shape but with the added black and nude lace gives it a luxurious feel of sophistication. Or you could go a little extra and choose the Skirted Knicker – a classic silk knicker but with a silk skirt detail trimmed with Nottingham lace for that extra sense of excitement.


Classic Skirted Knicker

Classic Skirted Knicker


For even more of a visual thrill you could go for the Ruffle Knicker, such as the Champagne Fizz . It’s a silk knicker with elastic detailing around the leg to create a frilly, or ruffle, effect. And even more enticing is that as these knickers don’t really sit smoothly under clothing - they are much more suited to the boudoir (or bedroom if you prefer). This glamourous gold knicker is trimmed in a vintage Nottingham lace and is made in limited edition runs.  

For even more of an effortless sense of sexiness there’s the Side Tie Knicker, such as the Eve, which is also made from 100% cruelty free Peace silk. Sitting on the hips it is definitely worth noting that the ribbon ties at the side or not just for show.


Maisie French Knicker


Now for one you are more likely to have heard of. The French Knicker, such as the Maisie, has wider sides and usually less fabric covering the bottom – hence its enduring popularity. The Maisie is cut to create a flattering fit and should be an essential in any lingerie drawer! The Tap Pant is similar to the French Knicker – feminine, flattering and sometimes flared. The Peace Silk Tap Pant is a good example of this playful style.


Julia Ouvert Knicker 

And if you really want to treat your partner to something very special you should look no further than the Julia - an excellent example of the more risqué Ouvert Knicker. For those not up on their French, ‘ouvert’ means open and that’s exactly what it promises. It’s a Classic Knicker that has an opening at the back held together by delicate ribbons. And the Julia is even more special thanks to the lace back. Or if you prefer something a little flirty you should try the Isla Frilly Knickers, in emerald, ruby and gold. This silk classic knicker has three rows of silk ruffles along the back to create a playful and cuter knicker style!


So now hopefully you have a little bit more expert knowledge to be able to select the perfect knicker for the perfect person.


Written by Dan Roberts - Husband of a lingerie designer.

The Lingerie Secret Santa Is Here! November 12 2014

For the second year running, lingerie designer Karolina Laskowska has organised a very special Secret Santa and we are more than happy to announce that this year we are taking part! The concept behind the event is that a selection of independent lingerie designers are randomly assigned another designer to whom they anonymously give a lingerie gift designed and made by their brand. I am unable to tell you the name of the lucky person who will soon be receiving a gift from us - but I can give you an insight into why I have chosen it.


Lingerie Secret Santa


The lingerie designer chosen to receive a gift from us has a true understanding of quality fabrics and traditional craftsmanship, which is evident in their own beautiful designs. This is why I thought the Isla silk slip and matching ruffle knicker would be the perfect gift. The flattering Isla silk slip is the ultimate in luxury. The slip is feminine and playful and made using 100% silk for its circle skirt and supportive triangle cups. Finished with adjustable straps, ribbon ties along the back, and trimmed with a pretty UK made Cluny lace, the Isla is the perfect vintage style piece. The matching silk knickers are also made in a beautiful silk satin and finished with a delicate chiffon bow. We have teamed the Isla set with our Classic Silk Eyemask, hopefully making this set the ultimate in lingerie luxury!


Silk Eyemask By Ayten Gasson    

Each piece has been handmade in Britain and will be presented in one of our elegant black and gold magnetic gift boxes, wrapped in layers of black tissue paper.


Ayten Gasson Gift Box


We will soon be launching our lingerie gift guide, but until then why not tell us what you would want to receive from us if you were our Secret Santa recipient?




Enjoy Some Black Magic This Halloween! October 21 2014

As the dark nights draw in and the desire to be warm and cosy and safely indoors becomes even stronger than usual, many of you may be thinking about the impending All Hallows’ Eve – or Halloween. Children everywhere will be dressing up and enjoying their trick or treating. But why should they have all the fun?

Here at Ayten Gasson we believe that Halloween should be enjoyed by everyone and that’s why we’ve decided to celebrate this night of ghouls and ghosts and spooks and spectres by introducing our Black Magic Flash Sale so that everyone can have fun dressing up.

With the dark arts in mind we’ve decided to offer a special selection of sensual and luxurious pieces – all in the colour of the night – to enhance your very own trick or treating. With up to 30% off the usual price you’ll have nothing to fear come the witching hour.

The Black Magic Flash Sale is slashing prices on all black silk pieces including the popular Isla Silk Slip. This feminine and playful silk is finished with adjustable straps and ribbon ties along the back.

Also on offer is our Classic Silk Babydoll. Made using the finest silk, this stunning creation is trimmed with English lace and a delicate black ribbon bow.

Or to make it a really playful Halloween to remember you could choose the Classic Silk Ruffle Knicker which is trimmed with delicate Nottingham lace and – of course – available in stunning black silk. After all, no one wants all work and no play.

These items have been reduced as part of our Black Magic Promotion and will go back to their original price at midnight (GMT) on the 1st November 2014. Please note, our sale items do not arrive gift wrapped (unless it is part of a gift box set) so if you are purchasing something as a special gift you should consider purchasing one of our luxury black gift boxes.

Luxury, Style, Ethics: Introducing Our Made In The UK Bridal Collection July 04 2014

When you're planning the perfect, luxurious wedding, you want every detail to be opulent, right down to the underpinnings. So no bland lingerie for you - you want beautiful silk, English lace, and the confidence that everything has been hand made in the UK. Ayten Gasson's bridal range, exclusively at uses oyster, champagne and ivory silks and laces, beautifully hand-crafted here in Britain into camisoles, bras, knickers and perfect for your trousseau.

The designer carefully sources lace from vintage suppliers in the heart of the old British lace making industry, Nottingham, and new laces designed and made by Cluny, the highly acclaimed supplier for Kate Middleton's wedding dress.


If luxury and tradition aren't enough for you, Ayten Gasson has included her third Eco Bride collection, which features signature styles with cotton vintage Nottingham lace, produced in a breathtakingly beautiful cruelty free silk and a luxurious stretch organic silk.



Have you planned your honeymoon lingerie? Why not slip into a stunning black silk chemise, feather light and swirling around you with a lavish, beautifully cut empire line skirt, lace cups and ribbon ties - with a matching ribbon tie back silk knicker. Or for a sweet but sensual twist on black silk, the Dahlia bralet and knicker have a contrasting sheer nude lace with black embroidery.


The Ayten Gasson range; perfect for the luxurious bride who cares.

All of the images on our site have been created and shot by talented photographer Richard Bridge.

Bridal Make Up: Lettie Lawson - website coming soon

Bridal Flowers: Bride and Bloom -

Hair: Alex at Neon Hair Boutique -

Model: Kim Lian C -

The Eve Collection Shot By Timothy Girgis June 23 2014

In December 2013 I was lucky enough to meet one of my most loyal of customers, Timothy Girgis, who lives in Amsterdam. Timothy and his girlfriend Ali have become friends with everyone involved with Ayten Gasson Lingerie, especially when Timothy helped design three bespoke pieces, which we were able to make for Ali's birthday . Timothy kindly wrote a guest post on our site which can be read here


We all finally met up for a coffee while Timothy was visiting the UK, and discussed the different ways we could all work together again. Timothy had expressed his passion for photography, so we came to the conclusion that a mini shoot would be a fun way to work together again. 

Eve Camisole


The final images are breathtakingly beautiful and we cannot thank Timothy and his team enough for all his hard work. What do you think of the images? We would love to hear your feedback!

Hotel La Pinsonerie - 92 vondelstraat in Amsterdam 
Hair - Emma in Amsterdam +31 6 55263117
Photos - Timothy Girgis -
Model - Victoria Rose
Makeup - Red Carpet Queen in Amsterdam

Shop the Eve Collection here:

British Flowers And British Lingerie - The Perfect Choice For Brides! June 11 2014

We were thrilled to work with Bride and Bloom for our SS14 bridal photo shoot. Each bouquet, posy and floral crown was lovingly made by Hannah King, who set up Bride and Bloom in 2011 following her own wedding. 

Lillie Peace Silk Set By Ayten Gasson

Bride and bloom offers a bespoke wedding flower and styling service, using seasonal British grown flowers and upcycled containers to make your wedding gorgeously unique.

We were incredibly impressed with the detail Hannah bought to the shoot, incorporating colours from our key ranges as well as our model's skin tone and hair colour. 

Pearla Silk Lingerie By Ayten Gasson

Another reason we love Bride and Bloom is because they only use British flowers, something that Hannah is very keen to promote! 

"British flowers are fresher, more fragrant (they’ve not been deep chilled or flown from Holland), local growers are supported and Brides improve their carbon footprint!" Hannah explains. 

Eve Peace Silk Set By Ayten Gasson

So I would like to thank Hannah for all her help with the shoot and for being on hand to help us style each of our stunning bridal images.

We would also like to thank the following for all their help with the shoot:
Photography: Richard Bridge
Model: Kim Lian C
Hair: Neon Hair Boutique - Brighton
Make Up: Lettie Lawson

Handmade And Bespoke Lingerie May 06 2014

Since we closed our wholesale business in December 2013, we are pleased to say our retail site has grown and we are now able to introduce a wider collection of styles to our collections. We have been experimenting with different types of silks, laces and have been able to invest in some beautiful vintage Nottingham laces. We have also designed a diffusion range of silk chiffon bed jackets which will be be launching in the next couple of weeks - priced at a lower price point. 

We have also been inundated with requests for bespoke lingerie, with customers asking for their favourite Ayten Gasson pieces to be made in different coloured silks or with different trims. Each request has been a joy to make and it is always lovely to hear feedback from a delighted customer. Our favourite request has been to produce a range of bridesmaid boxes for a very special bride to give to her maids on her big day! 

We are also pleased to announce that since closing our wholesale side of the business we have been lucky enough to move a lot of our production into our studio here in beautiful Brighton. This means many of the pieces on our online boutique have been handmade by either myself or my small team of dedicated and skilled seamstresses. Each piece has been cut out by hand, sewn using traditional methods and high quality machines, and finished by hand. All cotton threads have been cut by hand, all pieces have been pressed and seamed by us, and all charms and buttons have been sewn on by hand. We even cover all our silk buttons by hand (a very time consuming job but the finished result is beautiful!)

So, if you are looking for something extra special for yourself or as a gift we are very happy to announce that we can now consider a whole range of bespoke lingerie. Please email us at and we'll see if we can make the perfect piece for you.

The Holborn Magazine's Kickstarter Campaign. April 14 2014

Last summer we were very excited to hear that our favourite online magazine, The Holborn, were planning to launch a quarterly print magazine which would celebrate quality British made products and the artists behind them. 

Ayten Gasson Lingerie was one of the first artisans featured on the online magazine, and a friendship was formed between everyone who worked on the label and the creatives behind The Holborn. The full article can be found here.
The Holborn successfully opened their first pop up shop in London at the start of this year, and are now concentrating on launching their magazine with a Kickstarter campaign. 
We wish them the best of luck with the campaign and cannot wait to see The Holborn in print form! 

The Winners Of Our Lingerie Competition Are Announced! March 19 2014

On Friday 14th March we asked all our customers, fans and followers for their help suggesting names for five of our favourite ranges from the new collection, taking into account the fabrics, trims and history behind each piece.

For five days we posted a daily image on our Facebook page and asked people to suggest a name for the range by commenting on the image and to tell us why we should chose that suggestion.

We have spent the morning looking through the comments, including ones made on Twitter and Instagram, and have picked our favourite ones. We will be sending each of the winners a silk knicker (which they have named) as a thank you once the range is launched at the end of April.


Day One: "Aurelia" suggested by Abbie Rhodes.

Day Two: "Dahlia" suggested by Sarah Pritchett

Day Three: "Talitha" suggested by Aysia Platte

Day Four: "Lillie" suggested by Sharon Robinson

Day Five: "Pearla" suggested by Chloe Saxton

Could each of the winners please email us at with there postal address and knicker size. The knickers will be sent out at the end of April, when the new collection is launched. Don't forgot we are currently trying to make room for our new pieces, and have a small selection of our older styles in mid season sale:

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Please remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will be launching another competition next month! 


It's The Final Day Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 18 2014

It's the final day of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our five favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April. 

Today's range is this pretty pale pink babydoll, side tie knicker and classic cut knicker, trimmed with a 100% cotton vintage Nottingham lace and latte satin ribbon. Brides - the set would be perfect as part of your bridal trousseau, or as a gift to your bridesmaids.

Our favourite suggestion will be announced tommorow, and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you.

More information can be found on our Facebook page:

It's Day Four Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 17 2014

Ok, we're nearly there! It's day four of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our five favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April. 

Today's range is an elegant Peace Silk (cruelty free silk) long line bralet and side tie knicker set, trimmed with a 100% cotton vintage Nottingham lace. The two pieces feature ribbon ties, which compliment the vintage feel of the set, which is available in sizes small (8-10) medium (12) large (14-16) and curvaceous (18). 

Our favourite suggestion will be announced on Wednesday 19th March, and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you. And there is no reason why you cannot enter on each day!

Just head to our Facebook page to make your suggestion! 

It's Day Three Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 16 2014

It's day three of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our 5 favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April.

Today's range is perfect for the eco conscious bride. This beautiful limited edition long line bralet and knicker set is made from Organic silk and trimmed with 100% cotton Nottingham lace which was produced in the 1960s! The mill that designed and produced this lace has since closed down, which makes this set even more special. The satin bows used to trim the bralet are by a UK company and the entire range has been made in the UK.


We will announce our favourite suggestion on Wednesday 19th March and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you. And there is no reason why you cannot enter on each day!

More information can be found on our Facebook page! 

It's Day Two Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 15 2014

It's day two of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our 5 favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April.

Today's range is a striking black silk bralet and knicker set, trimmed with a nude lace with floral black detailing. The lace is from Nottingham and the entire range has been made in the UK. The set will be available in sizes small (8-10) medium (12) large (14-16) and curvaceous (18).

Our favourite suggestion will be announced on Wednesday 19th March, and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you. And there is no reason why you cannot enter on each day!

We had some great suggestions for our navy set yesterday, so thank you to everyone who entered.


Nude lace lingerie




Win A Pair Of Luxury Silk Knickers. March 14 2014

We will be launching 12 new styles at the end of April, meaning each range has to be named before it can go online. We would like to ask our customers, fans and followers for their help by suggesting names for 5 of our favourite ranges, taking into account the fabrics, trims and history behind each piece.

Between Friday 14th and Tuesday 19th March we will be posting a daily image on our Facebook page. Suggest a name by commenting on the image and remember to tell us why we should chose your suggestion. We will pick our favourite name and send you the knicker as a thank you once it's launched at the end of April. You can enter on all days if you wish! The winner will be announced on Wednesday 20th March.

All the information will be posted daily on our Facebook page, so make sure you LIKE us to keep up to date!

Today we need your help naming this beautiful navy silk bias cut babydoll and classic silk knicker set. The set is made in 100% silk and trimmed with a hand-dyed vintage cotton lace from the old lace mills of Nottingham and finished with pale blue velvet bows. This range (like all our ranges!) is proudly made in the UK.

Ayten Gasson Silk Nightwear

Good luck everyone!

Our LoveBomb Winners! February 10 2014

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Lovebomb 2014 competition!

Main Prize:

Sarah Pritchett (via Facebook) - Sarah has won the Jessica Silk Bed Jacket.

The Runner Ups:

Rebecca Clark (via Twitter) - Rebecca as won a Classic Silk Black Eyemask.

Meg Christie Doniat (via Facebook) - Meg has won the Evie Silk Eyemask.

Sunita Soudur (via Pinterest) - Sunita has won a Classic Collection Black Eyemask.

Logan Spector (via Pinterest) - Logan has won a Raspberry Daiquiri Silk Eyemask. 

Tamalyn Roberts (via Facebook) - Tamalyn has won a Jessica Silk Eyemask.

All winners will be contacted today.

We would like to thank everyone who took part! We will be launching a new competition next month, so please keep checking our blog and social media pages. 




It's The Final Day Of The Lingerie Lovebomb With Little Women! February 07 2014

It's day six of our Lovebomb event, and today we are focusing on Little Women. This lovely website is dedicated to providing small cupped bras starting at AAA size! Fiona launched the website over eighteen years ago, when people still ordered via mail order before developing the Little Women website. 

Today Little Women are offering 30% off this beautifulon wired bralet for 24 hours.


It's Day Five Of The Lingerie LoveBomb With Miss Mandalay! February 06 2014

It's day five of our Lovebomb event, and today we are focusing on the fantastic Miss Mandalay. Specialising in large cup - small backed bras yet creating luxurious and beautiful pieces, we love designer Lorraine's eye for detail and truly respect her great business sense! 

Miss Mandalay are offering 30% off on their website for 24 hours with code LOVEBOMB2014

Lorriane is also running a giveaway, check her facebook page for details!


It's Day Four Of The Lingerie Lovebomb! Today It's Playful Promises. February 05 2014

It's day four of our Lovebomb event, and today we are focusing on the wonderful London based label, Playful Promises. One of the most fun and quirky lingerie brands we know, who seem to cater everyone (we are very excited by their new range of F cup bras!) 

Launched in 2004 by the beautiful (and incredibly hard working) Emma, Playful Promises has achieve great success in the UK and aboard, and seem to be going from strength to strength! 

Today, Playful Promises are offering 30% off their website for 24 hours with code LOVEBOMB2014

They are also running a giveaway on their facebook page!


It's Day Three Of The Lingerie LoveBomb With Kiss Me Deadly! February 04 2014

It's day three of our LoveBomb event, and today we will be focusing on one of our favourite lingerie labels Kiss Me Deadly. We love Kiss Me Deadly's retro styling, attention to detail and the fact that over half of their collections are now made in the UK! The designer behind the independent label, Catherine set up the brand when she went in search of lingerie that matched her metal clipped suspender belts. The label is now stocked around the world and in a number of online boutiques. 

Kiss Me Deadly are offering 20% off for 24 hours with code LOVEBOMB2014, only on their online store


Day Two Of The Lingerie LoveBomb. It's us! February 02 2014

It's day two of the Lingerie Lovebomb, and today it's our turn. You can enjoy 25% off EVERYTHING in our online boutique for 24 hours (until midnight GMT) using code LOVEBOMB2014 at the checkout. 

We are also running a very special competition which is open to all our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Just do one (or all) of the following and hashtag your posts #LOVEBOMB2014:

PINTEREST: Pin a picture of the bed jacket you would like to win and tell us why. 
INSTAGRAM: Post a picture, screenshot or regram of the bed jacket you would like to win and tell us why.
FACEBOOK: Comment on our album Silk Cover Ups under the image of the jacket you'd like to win and tell us why.
TWITTER: Tweet @AytenGasson a link to the bed jacket you would like to win along with your reason why.


We will pick the winners name at random along with 5 lucky runners up who will win a silk padded eyemask. The winners will be announced on our blog and via Facebook on the 10th February!

Good luck everyone!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for our very special Top Trump cards, featuring all the designers from the LoveBomb promotion. 

The Lingerie Love Bomb Has Landed! January 31 2014

For the third year running a group of independent lingerie brands have joined forces to promote each other in a very British way. Hoping to encourage people to look beyond the expensive Valentine day marketing ploys of the giant corporate companies and look at independent and boutique brands instead. Exclusive discounts and prizes will be given away on Facebook and Twitter by each of the indie brands.  

We will update you daily on which luxury lingerie brand will be featured in the Love Bomb and all the details you need to enter each competition and use each brands discount code. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our blog for all the details. 
The line up includes:

31st January – Curvy Couture
3rd February - Ayten Gasson
4th February - Kiss Me Deadly
5th February -Playful Promises
6th February -Miss Mandalay
7th February – Little Women

We usually launch the Love Bomb event with a breathtaking photo shoot showcasing all the brands involved. This year we thought we should do something a little different. We have got together with the designers behind Kiss Me Deadly, Playful Promises, Miss Mandalay and the owner of Little Women for our own special shoot. Showcasing our favorite pieces, along with amusing shots of what running a business actually involves (It's not as glam as you may think!) We will be posting these images throughout the next weeks, but would like to thank Catherine and Anna for the great images. (