The Holborn Magazine's Kickstarter Campaign. April 14 2014

Last summer we were very excited to hear that our favourite online magazine, The Holborn, were planning to launch a quarterly print magazine which would celebrate quality British made products and the artists behind them. 

Ayten Gasson Lingerie was one of the first artisans featured on the online magazine, and a friendship was formed between everyone who worked on the label and the creatives behind The Holborn. The full article can be found here.
The Holborn successfully opened their first pop up shop in London at the start of this year, and are now concentrating on launching their magazine with a Kickstarter campaign. 
We wish them the best of luck with the campaign and cannot wait to see The Holborn in print form! 

The Winners Of Our Lingerie Competition Are Announced! March 19 2014

On Friday 14th March we asked all our customers, fans and followers for their help suggesting names for five of our favourite ranges from the new collection, taking into account the fabrics, trims and history behind each piece.

For five days we posted a daily image on our Facebook page and asked people to suggest a name for the range by commenting on the image and to tell us why we should chose that suggestion.

We have spent the morning looking through the comments, including ones made on Twitter and Instagram, and have picked our favourite ones. We will be sending each of the winners a silk knicker (which they have named) as a thank you once the range is launched at the end of April.


Day One: "Aurelia" suggested by Abbie Rhodes.

Day Two: "Dahlia" suggested by Sarah Pritchett

Day Three: "Talitha" suggested by Aysia Platte

Day Four: "Lillie" suggested by Sharon Robinson

Day Five: "Pearla" suggested by Chloe Saxton

Could each of the winners please email us at with there postal address and knicker size. The knickers will be sent out at the end of April, when the new collection is launched. Don't forgot we are currently trying to make room for our new pieces, and have a small selection of our older styles in mid season sale:

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Please remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will be launching another competition next month! 


It's The Final Day Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 18 2014

It's the final day of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our five favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April. 

Today's range is this pretty pale pink babydoll, side tie knicker and classic cut knicker, trimmed with a 100% cotton vintage Nottingham lace and latte satin ribbon. Brides - the set would be perfect as part of your bridal trousseau, or as a gift to your bridesmaids.

Our favourite suggestion will be announced tommorow, and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you.

More information can be found on our Facebook page:

It's Day Four Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 17 2014

Ok, we're nearly there! It's day four of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our five favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April. 

Today's range is an elegant Peace Silk (cruelty free silk) long line bralet and side tie knicker set, trimmed with a 100% cotton vintage Nottingham lace. The two pieces feature ribbon ties, which compliment the vintage feel of the set, which is available in sizes small (8-10) medium (12) large (14-16) and curvaceous (18). 

Our favourite suggestion will be announced on Wednesday 19th March, and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you. And there is no reason why you cannot enter on each day!

Just head to our Facebook page to make your suggestion! 

It's Day Three Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 16 2014

It's day three of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our 5 favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April.

Today's range is perfect for the eco conscious bride. This beautiful limited edition long line bralet and knicker set is made from Organic silk and trimmed with 100% cotton Nottingham lace which was produced in the 1960s! The mill that designed and produced this lace has since closed down, which makes this set even more special. The satin bows used to trim the bralet are by a UK company and the entire range has been made in the UK.


We will announce our favourite suggestion on Wednesday 19th March and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you. And there is no reason why you cannot enter on each day!

More information can be found on our Facebook page! 

It's Day Two Of Our Lingerie Competition! March 15 2014

It's day two of our Facebook competition where we ask you to help us name our 5 favourite ranges from the new collection, due to be released at the end of April.

Today's range is a striking black silk bralet and knicker set, trimmed with a nude lace with floral black detailing. The lace is from Nottingham and the entire range has been made in the UK. The set will be available in sizes small (8-10) medium (12) large (14-16) and curvaceous (18).

Our favourite suggestion will be announced on Wednesday 19th March, and the winner will receive a knicker from the range they have helped name as a thank you. And there is no reason why you cannot enter on each day!

We had some great suggestions for our navy set yesterday, so thank you to everyone who entered.


Nude lace lingerie




Win A Pair Of Luxury Silk Knickers. March 14 2014

We will be launching 12 new styles at the end of April, meaning each range has to be named before it can go online. We would like to ask our customers, fans and followers for their help by suggesting names for 5 of our favourite ranges, taking into account the fabrics, trims and history behind each piece.

Between Friday 14th and Tuesday 19th March we will be posting a daily image on our Facebook page. Suggest a name by commenting on the image and remember to tell us why we should chose your suggestion. We will pick our favourite name and send you the knicker as a thank you once it's launched at the end of April. You can enter on all days if you wish! The winner will be announced on Wednesday 20th March.

All the information will be posted daily on our Facebook page, so make sure you LIKE us to keep up to date!

Today we need your help naming this beautiful navy silk bias cut babydoll and classic silk knicker set. The set is made in 100% silk and trimmed with a hand-dyed vintage cotton lace from the old lace mills of Nottingham and finished with pale blue velvet bows. This range (like all our ranges!) is proudly made in the UK.

Ayten Gasson Silk Nightwear

Good luck everyone!

Our LoveBomb Winners! February 10 2014

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Lovebomb 2014 competition!

Main Prize:

Sarah Pritchett (via Facebook) - Sarah has won the Jessica Silk Bed Jacket.

The Runner Ups:

Rebecca Clark (via Twitter) - Rebecca as won a Classic Silk Black Eyemask.

Meg Christie Doniat (via Facebook) - Meg has won the Evie Silk Eyemask.

Sunita Soudur (via Pinterest) - Sunita has won a Classic Collection Black Eyemask.

Logan Spector (via Pinterest) - Logan has won a Raspberry Daiquiri Silk Eyemask. 

Tamalyn Roberts (via Facebook) - Tamalyn has won a Jessica Silk Eyemask.

All winners will be contacted today.

We would like to thank everyone who took part! We will be launching a new competition next month, so please keep checking our blog and social media pages. 




It's The Final Day Of The Lingerie Lovebomb With Little Women! February 07 2014

It's day six of our Lovebomb event, and today we are focusing on Little Women. This lovely website is dedicated to providing small cupped bras starting at AAA size! Fiona launched the website over eighteen years ago, when people still ordered via mail order before developing the Little Women website. 

Today Little Women are offering 30% off this beautifulon wired bralet for 24 hours.


It's Day Five Of The Lingerie LoveBomb With Miss Mandalay! February 06 2014

It's day five of our Lovebomb event, and today we are focusing on the fantastic Miss Mandalay. Specialising in large cup - small backed bras yet creating luxurious and beautiful pieces, we love designer Lorraine's eye for detail and truly respect her great business sense! 

Miss Mandalay are offering 30% off on their website for 24 hours with code LOVEBOMB2014

Lorriane is also running a giveaway, check her facebook page for details!


It's Day Four Of The Lingerie Lovebomb! Today It's Playful Promises. February 05 2014

It's day four of our Lovebomb event, and today we are focusing on the wonderful London based label, Playful Promises. One of the most fun and quirky lingerie brands we know, who seem to cater everyone (we are very excited by their new range of F cup bras!) 

Launched in 2004 by the beautiful (and incredibly hard working) Emma, Playful Promises has achieve great success in the UK and aboard, and seem to be going from strength to strength! 

Today, Playful Promises are offering 30% off their website for 24 hours with code LOVEBOMB2014

They are also running a giveaway on their facebook page!


It's Day Three Of The Lingerie LoveBomb With Kiss Me Deadly! February 04 2014

It's day three of our LoveBomb event, and today we will be focusing on one of our favourite lingerie labels Kiss Me Deadly. We love Kiss Me Deadly's retro styling, attention to detail and the fact that over half of their collections are now made in the UK! The designer behind the independent label, Catherine set up the brand when she went in search of lingerie that matched her metal clipped suspender belts. The label is now stocked around the world and in a number of online boutiques. 

Kiss Me Deadly are offering 20% off for 24 hours with code LOVEBOMB2014, only on their online store


Day Two Of The Lingerie LoveBomb. It's us! February 02 2014

It's day two of the Lingerie Lovebomb, and today it's our turn. You can enjoy 25% off EVERYTHING in our online boutique for 24 hours (until midnight GMT) using code LOVEBOMB2014 at the checkout. 

We are also running a very special competition which is open to all our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Just do one (or all) of the following and hashtag your posts #LOVEBOMB2014:

PINTEREST: Pin a picture of the bed jacket you would like to win and tell us why. 
INSTAGRAM: Post a picture, screenshot or regram of the bed jacket you would like to win and tell us why.
FACEBOOK: Comment on our album Silk Cover Ups under the image of the jacket you'd like to win and tell us why.
TWITTER: Tweet @AytenGasson a link to the bed jacket you would like to win along with your reason why.


We will pick the winners name at random along with 5 lucky runners up who will win a silk padded eyemask. The winners will be announced on our blog and via Facebook on the 10th February!

Good luck everyone!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for our very special Top Trump cards, featuring all the designers from the LoveBomb promotion. 

The Lingerie Love Bomb Has Landed! January 31 2014

For the third year running a group of independent lingerie brands have joined forces to promote each other in a very British way. Hoping to encourage people to look beyond the expensive Valentine day marketing ploys of the giant corporate companies and look at independent and boutique brands instead. Exclusive discounts and prizes will be given away on Facebook and Twitter by each of the indie brands.  

We will update you daily on which luxury lingerie brand will be featured in the Love Bomb and all the details you need to enter each competition and use each brands discount code. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our blog for all the details. 
The line up includes:

31st January – Curvy Couture
3rd February - Ayten Gasson
4th February - Kiss Me Deadly
5th February -Playful Promises
6th February -Miss Mandalay
7th February – Little Women

We usually launch the Love Bomb event with a breathtaking photo shoot showcasing all the brands involved. This year we thought we should do something a little different. We have got together with the designers behind Kiss Me Deadly, Playful Promises, Miss Mandalay and the owner of Little Women for our own special shoot. Showcasing our favorite pieces, along with amusing shots of what running a business actually involves (It's not as glam as you may think!) We will be posting these images throughout the next weeks, but would like to thank Catherine and Anna for the great images. (

Is Vegan Silk Really Vegan? What Should We Call Our Cruelty Free Silk? January 18 2014

We were recently featured on Lori Smith's fantastic blog Lori had kindly reviewed the latest knicker from our Eco Lingerie collection, the Peace Silk And Vintage Lace Knicker.

You can read Lori's review here:

Though the review was positive, with Lori admiring the texture of the silk, the fit and the softness of the vintage lace, we were disappointed to read that some people were confused by the term "vegan silk" and questioned whether vegan silk could really be described as vegan if it was still produced by a silk worm. Even without the cruelty. 

As described in our blog post "What's the different between organic and "normal" silk?" conventional silk is produced when an adult silk worm begins to spin a fibroin protein which they produce themselves. The strain of silk is woven into a tightly enclosed cocoon. Each cocoon can be formed from up to 100 meters of silk. Next, the silk worm secretes a fluid which burns a hole thought the weave allowing it to emerge. Unfortunately this also damages and breaks the fibre. Instead, the farmer kills the silk worm by boiling  it alive, saving the silk. 

Peace silk is vegan because it allows the silkworm to emerge out of the cocoon naturally. Fibres from the damaged cocoon are then spun together forming a silk which has the same luxurious feel as Organic silk, with a raw appearance. 

The term "vegan silk" is actually the name our silk supplier has given the fabric. I now feel it was naive of me to accept this term without fully understanding it. I am not a vegan, but understand what the term "vegan" means and why it is so important to people who have taken on this admirable lifestyle. My reasons for launching an ethical line and up-cycling vintage lace was due to my views on the fashion industry's impact on the environment, and having my son, which made me more aware of the need for designers to try and be more ethical. I hope that as the label grows I am able to grow the eco lingerie range and make more of stand as an ethical designer. It is only now, after hearing peoples views on the term "vegan silk" that I understand that no silk fabric can be classed as vegan. If a silk worm has not produced the silk fibres, the fabric should be classed as man made.

We have always used the term "Peace Silk" in the title of our vegan silk pieces, but have used the term "100% vegan silk" in the description. Having fully questioned the term I have decided to relabel the Peace Silk ranges as "Cruelty Free Silk" and "100% Vegetarian Silk" to avoid any confusion. 

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment and to Lori for the lovely review. I would love to hear you views on the "vegan silk" debate, so please feel free to comment on our Facebook page or tweet us. 

Exciting Changes to Ayten Gasson Lingerie January 10 2014

We are pleased to announce that 2014 heralds a new start for our luxury lingerie label. We have decided that after 8 years of selling our lingerie to independant boutiques around the world, including larger stores such as Fenwick’s of Bond Street, Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street store and Le Bon Marche in Paris, we will be focusing on retailing from our own online boutique. This means we will be able to work directly with our customers to make sure you receive the highest quality of service when purchasing from our collections.

Sadly, in recent years, we have seen many of our favourite stockists move away from the high street and onto online boutiques - with some even closing all together. This has meant that designers have started to sell online and develop their own online boutiques to keep their labels alive. We have steadily grown our own online boutique, with a loyal fan base and a great reputation for customer service. We have been able to develop a range of limited edition ranges, expand on our ethical collection, and launch a bespoke bridal garter service. We have also found we have been able to respond to your lingerie requests and develop bespoke pieces in a short amount of time.

We hope that by focusing on our own retail site we will be able to offer our customers the following:

  • A more personal service, where customers can request styles in different silks and lace trims
  • A wider selection of ethical lingerie pieces (Peace silk and organic silk is much more expensive than ‘conventional’ silk, meaning it was too expensive to wholesale. Selling directly thought our site means we have can introduce an endless range of bralets, camisoles, tap pant and knickers)
  • A diffusion line which focuses on ‘everyday’ knickers which doesn’t stray from our ethos of producing UK made pieces and sourcing UK made trims

We would love to hear what our customers would like from our online boutique. Especially those who have ordered a bespoke piece from us in the past. What would you like to see more of? Bridal? Eco Lingerie? Large sizes? An organic cotton range? Please email us at or visit our Facebook page.

We would also like to thank all our customers and followers for making 2013 such a positive year for us, and for helping us develop We are ready to embrace 2014 and make it a year to remember!

Ayten x


A Man’s Guide to Buying (Festive) Lingerie November 26 2013

A while back you may remember that I shared my learned knowledge of lingerie to help any men out there who didn’t know their teddies from their camisoles or their pasties from their tap pants. This was not done to prove how much more enlightened I was than any men reading, but to share some of my luck of being married to a lingerie designer and impart the wisdom that I had picked up along the way. So treat this as a sequel. Now you know the main characters we can put your newfound knowledge to work at a very crucial gift buying (and receiving!) time – Christmas.

Giving lingerie at Christmas always seems like a great idea. Not only does it show you think the woman in your life is beautiful but you know what they would like to feel good about themselves. The reality can be very much different. Forget about the disaster of getting sizes wrong causing a whole heap of hurt before offering up receipts for exchanges (and losing all bonus points for buying lingerie in the first place). I’m talking about buying lingerie that a man may think is ‘sexy’ but comes from the kind of knowledge only years as a teenager spent watching speciality films in the privacy of your bedroom. Word to the wise…those cheap looking red suspenders are not going to do the job. So let me tell you what I know and what can make any significant others’ Christmas – on any budget.

Stocking Fillers The budget end of the market is a sure fire way to look good – as long as you’ve already got her an extravagant main present! Silk padded eyemasks are a brilliant gift idea. Available in a range of colours, from black to champagne, they are all handmade in the UK. Instant luxury which also comes in fool proof one size fits all. Prices start at £18.00 - £22.00.

Under £50 These are the presents that will make a definite impression without breaking the bank. There’s the cocktail silk knicker range which is perfect for the time of year. They are £38 and include Raspberry Daiquiri and Bellini Tini colours. Another selection under £50 that will be gratefully received is the Boxed Gift Sets (£49.00) that include a side tie knicker (in small, medium or large) plus an eyemask. As well as being a great present they come ready boxed!

Under £100 Ayten Gasson is known for their exquisite silk teddies – a luxury piece that all women should have in their lingerie draw (or so my wife tells me). A safe option that is sure to impress is the classic collection black silk teddy (£97.00). Instant elegance. There’s also the Lovers Mini Gift Set which, at £82 is a great deal for a black silk knicker, nipple pasties and a silk eyemask. You could go for the Complete Lovers Set that at £111 doesn’t strictly fall into this category but adds a pair of risqué silk love cuffs to the present. Probably best not to open this one in front of the in laws!

Over £100 For a present that will definitely be remembered you could choose a combination camisole and knicker set. The most popular this year has been the Alicia, a plum camisole with matching knicker trimmed with vintage Nottingham lace. Or for the ultimate luxurious treat why not go for the newly introduced champagne mid length bed jacket (£158) which can be matched with the champagne fizz knicker (£38) and eyemask (£20)

Finally, for the more eco friendly and ethically minded there are two separate camisole and knicker sets. The Organic silk camisole has the added benefit of being in sale at £58 plus a knicker at £26. Or the Peace silk camisole at £82 matched with a tap pant at £44. Confused by Peace silk and Organic silk? See here for an explanation of the different ethical fabrics.

So that gives even the most unimaginative amongst you a plethora of good gift ideas that should ensure that you bring a little cheer to the one you love this festive season.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Daniel Roberts (Husband of a lingerie designer)

UK Lingerie Awards October 16 2013

We are thrilled to announce we have been named as a finalist in the UK Lingerie Awards ‘Lounge and Nightwear Brand of the Year’.

The UK Lingerie Awards, established in 2011 by Lingerie Insight magazine, is viewed as the most important and intimate apparel event in Europe. The ceremony, which is to take place on 4th December 2013 and held in London’s glamorous Freemason’s Hall, is attended by the crème de la crème of the lingerie industry. Previous winners include Myla, Rigby & Peller, Made By Niki and Kiss Me Deadly, who were the winners of last year’s public voted category ‘UK’s Favourite British Designer’.

The awards will be judged by a prestigious expert panel of judges who include buyers from both Fenwick and Debenhams, the director of International Affaires at UKFT, and the editor of Lingerie Insight magazine, Sarah Blackman. Other brands also in the final for ‘Lounge and Nightwear Brand of the Year’ are Olivia Von Halle, Shell Bell Couture, and Eberjey.

Only 2 weeks to go until the launch of Best of Britannia! September 17 2013

We are very excited to be taking part in this year's Best of Britannia event in London's Clerkenwell. We would love all our customers, fans and followers to join us at the event to view our newest collections, limited edition ranges and special discounted pieces, but understand it might not be practical for all. That's why we would like to offer you all 20% off anything on our site from now until the 3rd October 2013.

To use your discount code just enter BOB20 at the checkout to receive 20% off all items, including sale pieces and gift boxes. The discount does not apply to postage, which is free when you spend over £100.00.

In anticipation of the prestigious event, we have designed two limited edition gift boxes which will be launched at the show. Each gift box aims to showcase the skill behind the UK fashion and manufacturing industry.

The Vintage Lace gift set celebrates the Best of British with a limited edition silk knicker and eyemask, trimmed with vintage lace from the old mills in Nottingham. Each piece is finished with British made ribbons, and proudly designed and made in the UK.

The English Lace gift set (pictured) features a stunning limited edition silk tap pant and eyemask, trimmed with Cluny lace and finished with British made ribbons. Cluny Lace, established in Nottingham in 1845, recently designed and made the lace used for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and is of the highest quality. All items in the gift box are proudly designed and made in the UK. Each gift box will only be available at the Best of Britannia event and at from the 3rd October 2013. RRP £58.00

To receive 20% off anything on the stand please quote BOB20 before you make your purchase. We are located on the first floor, stand FFV2.

We look forward to meeting you there!

Introducing the Alicia Gail Collection. September 09 2013

Towards the end of July I was contacted by a very special and loyal customer, Timothy Girgis, to help produce a lingerie set for his new bride Alicia. I was thrilled at the chance of making something with one particular person in mind, and after a few emails we were able to reproduce our Mia set in a stunning plum silk with plum detailing. Alicia’s set featured hand tied bows, which held in place vintage charms sourced by us and approved by Mr Girgis. The final pieces were unbelievably beautiful and unique

We fell in love with the Mia in this alternative colour way and wanted to offer it to the rest of our customers. But then we thought you might like something special as well. Would you like a vintage charm or button added to the set for your loved one? If so, please get in touch.

Here is a very special blog post by Mr Timothy Girgis. We thank him and Alicia for their continued custom and support.  

This journey actually started for my wife, Alicia and me a few years ago, when we first met.  I quickly learned that Alicia liked lingerie, yet the options that I saw available at the time were either to gaudy or frankly the value of the piece was not accurately reflected in the price, by my own reasoning.  Not satisfied with the options available in the larger brand name lines and not being prone to giving up when faced with adversity Alicia and I took to scouring the internet for more artisan crafted lingerie lines, ones that concentrated on creating something for the sophisticated woman while being comfortable enough for everyday wear.  We wanted evening wear that is not only sexy but elegant and with some style.  We soon found ourselves enamoured with the artisanal lingerie that was being produced in the UK at the time, there seemed to be a style movement back to dressing women as ladies in their evening wear, while adding flare and an alluring and seductive charm.  My wife was drawn to this as it made her feel empowered and sexy when she dressed in such well-designed pieces and the fact that it was sure to enthral me didn’t hurt either.  After trying several pieces from a few different labels we soon found ourselves browsing the evening wear websites together, discussing what each of us liked and didn’t, which designers we felt captured the styles we each liked and had the quality that we expected. 

It wasn’t until a couple of months into our little search that we come across Ayten Gasson and I can honestly say that the experience has changed our lives.  From the first order we received we could tell that we had found something special in this brand; indeed opening that little black box brings a certain sense of excitement and mystery at the treasures that may lay within.  Our first impression was that Ayten Gasson was dedicated to designing and crafting something special for that specialwoman.  Even the royal mail stamp, depicting the crown of England lends itself to the embodiment that I have come to admire in the Ayten Gasson style and quality.  Once the box is opened you are greeted by the accompanying satiny black gift paper, as you excitedly peel back the layers to reveal the organic silk and lace your eyes start to play tricks with you.  The black silk seems to absorb the light around it, seemingly deep and penetratingly dark and yet glows with a certain seductiveness and feminine prowess.  This is the Ayten Gasson difference.  This is what happens when you find someone who is passionate about what they do. 

Several orders and many pieces later we ran into a problem, Alicia accidently ordered a few pieces in the wrong size.  When we contacted Ayten Gasson about it, Ayten herself contacted us and said she would was happy to exchange the pieces.  Unfortunately they had sold out of the size that my wife needed, but not to worry Ayten would be happy to produce the sizes we required by hand at no extra charge.  Which got me wondering, what else could Ayten make upon request?  As a man who enjoys bespoke suits, wouldn’t my wife enjoy bespoke lingerie?  Well that question was certainly answered with the work that Ayten produced. 

With Ayten’s guidance I was able to be a small part of the creative process that has led to the Alicia Gail collection and we couldn’t be happier with what Ayten Gasson has produced.  Ayten personally took the time to source out vintage lace and vintage charms to my exact expectations, the purple was just the right shade that I had in mind when we communicated with one another, and the vintage lace was just the right trim to make it feel like a royal collection.  Something to make my wife feel like the queen I see her to be.  Being able to remove the charms via a silk ribbon was a brilliant move as it makes the pieces easy to launder.  The thing that makes this truly remarkable is Ayten was able to capture the vision in my mind simply from our few conversations via email.  We never met or even spoke on the phone during the entire process, if that isn’t the mark of a true artisan then I am not sure what is.  I look forward to working with Ayten in the future on many more pieces for my wife, in the meantime I sincerely hope that others find the enjoyment in this small and simple collection that Alicia and I have.

Sincerely,Mr. and Mrs. Girgis

Ayten Gasson at The Best Of Britannia event September 02 2013

We are very excited and proud to be taking part in this year's Best of Britannia show. The event celebrates the best in British design and manufacturing and is the perfect opportunity to showcase those very skills and ethos that we at Ayten Gasson Lingerie proudly embrace. 

The show will take place in in the historic Farmiloe building in London’s Clerkenwell on the 3rd/4th/5th October 2013. 

Tickets are free and are available by clicking the link below. 

3rd October: Trade only:
4th & 5th October: Open to the public

We will be launching a selection of new products at the show alongside a range of classic Ayten Gasson pieces at special Best of Britannia price. 

Only companies that support UK manufacturing have been selected to show at Best of Britannia and ALL products shown will have been made in Britain. Exhibitors will range from the long-established heritage brands, to more recent start-ups. And all of them will have one thing in common – they believe in supporting the manufacturing skills that still exist in the UK. The event will feature British made furniture, clothing, jewellery, footwear, automotives, as well as food and drink. This is truly an event which cannot be missed! 

We look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, check out this excellent short film from last year’s show.

Something For The Weekend? May 24 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of a mini collection of silk knickers inspired by a colourful selection of lavish cocktail drinks. The Plum MargaritaChampagne FizzBellini Tini, and Raspberry Daiquiri Knicker are all proudly made in Britain, using vintage Nottingham lace trims and finished with UK made satin bows. Priced at £38.00.

For a limited time only we are offering 20% off each of these knickers (Was £38.00 Now £30.40 - Offer ends on the 31st May 2013) 

Which one will you choose?


20% Discount Code For Kiss Me Deadly April 18 2013

As you may know we are very good friends with the lovely ladies from Kiss Me Deadly, the London based vintage inspired lingerie label. We are constantly swapping lingerie sets with the KMD team, and thought we could pass this on to our fans and followers. To receive 20% off anything on the Kiss Me Deadly website for one week only, just enter code AYTENFANS at the checkout. You can also sign up for their newsletter for more information. We have also extended our current discount code to all Kiss Me Deadly fans with 20% off all our collections (including sale items) at - just enter 20SPRING at the checkout. This code is valid until the end of April. Happy shopping! 

The History Of The Bridal Garter April 16 2013

The History Of The Garter.

Originally used to hold up stockings and socks, the garter has now become the must have item for every bride. The wedding garter, placed just above the knee, is traditionally worn by the bride and removed by the groom at the end of the reception and thrown towards the unmarried male guests. Historically, this tradition relates to the belief that taking an article of the bride's clothing would bring good luck

'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence for Her Shoe.'

We try and incorporate as many bridal traditions when designing our garters. Some include your something old -the vintage lace, while others include your something blue - in a small blue satin ribbon.  Our charms, such as the key and the horseshoe amulet can be removed and worn as a pendant after the wedding, or passed onto another bride as their something borrowed. Some of our garters are elegantly simple and feature just a small lace trim and satin bow, allowing you to use your own ‘borrowed’ charm. And finally, your handmade garter, made in our Brighton studio, is the something new.

Our Bespoke Garter Service.

To celebrate the launch of our bespoke bridal garter service we invited three brides-to-be to our Brighton studio to create their own garters. With a choice of silks and an array of Vintage English laces, some dating back 40 years, each bride was able to select the perfect combination of trim and finishing details, such as delicate blue satin bows (your something blue). I hope the brides-to-be had as much fun as I did and are happy with their creations. A sunny day was made even better by an afternoon of lingerie design – and a few glasses of celebratory Prosecco!


The beautiful brides to be pick their vintage laces and satin bows


Finishing touches are added such as hand tied ribbon bows and gems

The lovely brides with their finish garters