The Benefits of Silk

The Benefits of Silk

Since the brand started 17 years ago, we have designed lingerie and nightwear with a focus on luxurious silk satin. Not only is silk beautiful to look at and considered a highly coveted material, but it also has many benefits!

As silk is a natural fibre, it is easier for this fabric to retain moisture and keep it close to the skin. The material is also naturally packed full of essential amino acids, which have been found to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and maintain youthful, vibrant skin. This moisture retention also means that silk is one of the more tolerable fabric options for those with sensitive skin.

The natural composition of silk also enhances its hypoallergenic properties, meaning that people are very rarely allergic to silk or experience any irritation from wearing silk on the body. The compact structure of silk also defends the body from microscopic nuisances, such as bed bugs, mites, and dust, protecting the wearer from potential irritants.

Olive Green Silk

Silk can also help to prevent female infections, due to the moisture-absorption capability and antimicrobial properties of the fabric. The cool comfort of silk underwear can also help to reduce itching and redness associated with such infections. 

Burgundy Silk Fabric

The effect of hot flushes, a symptom linked to the menopause, can also be reduced by wearing silk. The natural fibres of this material can help to regulate body temperature and absorb moisture, helping to cool off the heat that comes with a hot flush, and wick away any perspiration. Silk offers you the perfect relief of comfort and a peaceful nights sleep.

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