How To Measure Yourself For An Underwire Bra

How To Measure Yourself For An Underwire Bra

Ayten Gasson Silk Underwire Bra

How to measure yourself for our underwire bras:

There are two main ways to measure yourself for an underwire bra

  • The traditional method that adds 4 or 5 inches to your underbust measurement
  • The modern method that uses your actual underbust measurement

Because I have been in the industry since the age of 18 – working in a lingerie shop on London’s Oxford Street in my late teens and then launching Ayten Gasson at the age of 25 - I have only ever used the traditional method to obtain a bra size. But I have tried to make this process as easy as possible and have put together a two-step guide and a table to help you find the right size for you.  

  1. Measure your rib cage in inches just under your bust. This is your underbust measurement.  The chart below will help you find your band size

    Your Underbust Measurement Band Size 

    27 -28 inches


    29 -30 inches


    31 -32 inches


    33 -34 inches



  2. Measure the fullest part of your bust. If your bust measurement is the same as your band size (not your underbust measurement)  then your cup size is AA. If there is a 1in difference you are a A. 2ins means you're a B. 3ins means you're a C and so on. Here is a handy guide to finding your cup size








Cup Size







As a small independent label we cannot offer a wider range of sizes. Also, the silk and laces we use can only support up to a D cup. But please do get in touch if you have any requests, as we always do our best to help our customers and can also recommend a range of independent designers who specialize in petite or larger sizes. Our underwire bras are available in band size 32 to 36 - and cup size B to D.

Traditional/Modern Bra Size Converter:






















Do I have the right size and style bra for my shape?

A bra is usually worn for at least 8 hours a day, so you need to make sure it fits properly. This means it should fit comfortable with no wires, straps or the band digging in. You must also make sure the cups are supporting your breasts and there is no 'spillage' either under the wires or above the cup. 

Ayten Gasson Cara Bra

Does the band fit?

It is very important that the band fits comfortably around the body and sits straight across your back. A large amount of the support comes from the band so if it is not right, you will start to feel uncomfortable very quickly. You want the band to be tight but you should be able to run two fingers around the inside. 

If the band is riding up you should try changing to a tighter setting on the hook fasteners and try loosening the straps. If the band is still loose you should try going down in the band size, but bear in mind you might also need to increase your cup size - so if your 34B is too loose around the band you should try a 32C

Do the cups fit?
If the cups are gaping under the breast you should try adjusting the band as the bra is too loose. The wires should fit smoothly under the breast tissue. 
If there is spillage around the cups it could mean one of two things:
  1. The cups are too small
  2. The style of the bra is unsuitable for your shape

A good trick to try is to tip your body forward and give your body a shake while wearing the bra. Is there any spillage when you stand up straight again? If so, you should try a larger cup or a style which provides more coverage.

If the cups are too big with excess fabric you should try a smaller cup.

Ayten Gasson Black Silk Rebecca Bra

Do the straps fall down or are they digging in?

The straps should be tight enough so you can run one finger under each strap. If they keep falling down you should try a different band size. If that doesn't help - so if the issue is more with your frame - we could easily move the straps closer to the center back for you. 

As always, please do get in touch if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help!