Exploring Brighton Areas That Inspire Our Luxury Lingerie Designs

Exploring Brighton Areas That Inspire Our Luxury Lingerie Designs

With its culture of vibrancy, authenticity and acceptance, Ayten Gasson will always be proud to call Brighton & Hove home. A pilgrimage destination for creatives from all walks of life, we likewise have chosen to grow our brand in the artistic energy this coastal city never fails to generate. This inspiration can be found within the seams of every design founder Ayten creates, with influences for our lingerie found in areas across the city. Today, we’ll be exploring these expressive corners of Brighton and the role they’ve played in shaping our luxury lingerie brand.

Palmeria square

Our first stop has to be the area directly outside our Hove studio, a stunning view that Ayten gazes upon daily and one that never fails to spark artistic inspiration. When walking through the square, you can be treated to towering townhouses showcasing stunning Victorian architecture, encasing large public gardens - best enjoyed in the summer sun and alongside a trip to one of the many nearby independent restaurants and bars we feel. Daily glimpses of this elegance and luxury from yesteryear help ground our label in its aesthetic mission and purpose. 

North Laine

Nowhere else in Brighton will you find such an eclectic mix of shops, bars, restaurants and personalities, than in the North Laine. With a bustling bohemian network of small city streets, you are guaranteed to never be bored with all that this area of Brighton has to offer. The greatest creative inspiration for us is the blooming network of fellow small, and sustainable businesses, determined to play their responsible part, against all odds. With each new shop or independent biz that pops up, we strive to learn more and do better in our own efforts towards a sustainable output. 

Brighton Beach

The most recognisable Brighton hotspot - a backdrop for films and the inspiration for countless bestselling books is, of course, our beach and pier. It is within this cultural identity, that Ayten Gasson finds its own, as our founder muses

“I find deep inspiration in Brighton. I love the bold colours you find on Brighton Pier, the old vintage style postcards featuring 50’s pin-up girls. Even down to the Victorian cast iron railings and shelter along the promenade which resemble the English laces I use. It’s a playful, fun city and I believe that has influenced my label identity."

South Lanes

Venturing a little south from the playful chaos of North Laine, you’ll find another warren of lanes that hold a very special place in our hearts here at Ayten Gasson. It was here we opened, and created and crafted within, our first boutique store, nestled away on Hannington’s Lane. We’ll be revisiting this chapter by popping up here once again, this time in nearby Duke’s Lane, until the 12th of May. We’re excited for the opportunity to chat one-on-one with our customers, finding inspiration from their individual stories and those of the fellow luxury boutiques that will become our temporary neighbours. Discover everything you need to know about visiting our pop-up here. 

Brighton Festival 

Within our city festival, you can expect a three-week celebration of hope, wonder, magic and fun - their words, not ours, but we wholeheartedly agree. Each time this annual Brighton event rolls around, it presents a refreshed opportunity to discover a vast range of new artists throughout the entire creative landscape. Founder Ayten always uses the Brighton Festival to gain artistic introspection for her own designs, introducing herself to new creative perspectives within the films, music and live performances it offers each May.