Be Part Of The Fashion Revolution

Be Part Of The Fashion Revolution

We fully support the Fashion Revolution and share their belief in raising awareness of the true cost of fashion, while celebrating those involved in creating a more sustainable future.

To coincide with the fourth anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh where 1,138 people were killed when a factory collapsed, Fashion Revolution Week are running a #whomademyclothes campaign from 24th-30th April.

Finding out where and how your clothes are made should be part of the decision-making process when it comes buying your garments. We completely endorse the view that loving fashion should not come at the cost of people or our planet.

handmade silk lingerie by Ayten Gasson

Here at Ayten Gasson we aim to be as transparent as possible by sourcing local and national as much as we can, recycling vintage English lace and trims, to bring you lingerie that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Each piece is handmade by us within our Brighton based boutique.

Please take a moment to find out more about this important campaign at