Introducing the Alicia Gail Collection.

Towards the end of July I was contacted by a very special and loyal customer, Timothy Girgis, to help produce a lingerie set for his new bride Alicia. I was thrilled at the chance of making something with one particular person in mind, and after a few emails we were able to reproduce our Mia set in a stunning plum silk with plum detailing. Alicia’s set featured hand tied bows, which held in place vintage charms sourced by us and approved by Mr Girgis. The final pieces were unbelievably beautiful and unique

We fell in love with the Mia in this alternative colour way and wanted to offer it to the rest of our customers. But then we thought you might like something special as well. Would you like a vintage charm or button added to the set for your loved one? If so, please get in touch.

Here is a very special blog post by Mr Timothy Girgis. We thank him and Alicia for their continued custom and support.  

This journey actually started for my wife, Alicia and me a few years ago, when we first met.  I quickly learned that Alicia liked lingerie, yet the options that I saw available at the time were either to gaudy or frankly the value of the piece was not accurately reflected in the price, by my own reasoning.  Not satisfied with the options available in the larger brand name lines and not being prone to giving up when faced with adversity Alicia and I took to scouring the internet for more artisan crafted lingerie lines, ones that concentrated on creating something for the sophisticated woman while being comfortable enough for everyday wear.  We wanted evening wear that is not only sexy but elegant and with some style.  We soon found ourselves enamoured with the artisanal lingerie that was being produced in the UK at the time, there seemed to be a style movement back to dressing women as ladies in their evening wear, while adding flare and an alluring and seductive charm.  My wife was drawn to this as it made her feel empowered and sexy when she dressed in such well-designed pieces and the fact that it was sure to enthral me didn’t hurt either.  After trying several pieces from a few different labels we soon found ourselves browsing the evening wear websites together, discussing what each of us liked and didn’t, which designers we felt captured the styles we each liked and had the quality that we expected. 

It wasn’t until a couple of months into our little search that we come across Ayten Gasson and I can honestly say that the experience has changed our lives.  From the first order we received we could tell that we had found something special in this brand; indeed opening that little black box brings a certain sense of excitement and mystery at the treasures that may lay within.  Our first impression was that Ayten Gasson was dedicated to designing and crafting something special for that specialwoman.  Even the royal mail stamp, depicting the crown of England lends itself to the embodiment that I have come to admire in the Ayten Gasson style and quality.  Once the box is opened you are greeted by the accompanying satiny black gift paper, as you excitedly peel back the layers to reveal the organic silk and lace your eyes start to play tricks with you.  The black silk seems to absorb the light around it, seemingly deep and penetratingly dark and yet glows with a certain seductiveness and feminine prowess.  This is the Ayten Gasson difference.  This is what happens when you find someone who is passionate about what they do. 

Several orders and many pieces later we ran into a problem, Alicia accidently ordered a few pieces in the wrong size.  When we contacted Ayten Gasson about it, Ayten herself contacted us and said she would was happy to exchange the pieces.  Unfortunately they had sold out of the size that my wife needed, but not to worry Ayten would be happy to produce the sizes we required by hand at no extra charge.  Which got me wondering, what else could Ayten make upon request?  As a man who enjoys bespoke suits, wouldn’t my wife enjoy bespoke lingerie?  Well that question was certainly answered with the work that Ayten produced. 

With Ayten’s guidance I was able to be a small part of the creative process that has led to the Alicia Gail collection and we couldn’t be happier with what Ayten Gasson has produced.  Ayten personally took the time to source out vintage lace and vintage charms to my exact expectations, the purple was just the right shade that I had in mind when we communicated with one another, and the vintage lace was just the right trim to make it feel like a royal collection.  Something to make my wife feel like the queen I see her to be.  Being able to remove the charms via a silk ribbon was a brilliant move as it makes the pieces easy to launder.  The thing that makes this truly remarkable is Ayten was able to capture the vision in my mind simply from our few conversations via email.  We never met or even spoke on the phone during the entire process, if that isn’t the mark of a true artisan then I am not sure what is.  I look forward to working with Ayten in the future on many more pieces for my wife, in the meantime I sincerely hope that others find the enjoyment in this small and simple collection that Alicia and I have.

Sincerely,Mr. and Mrs. Girgis