Ayten Gasson Earth Day 2024

Reflecting On Our Sustainable Milestones So Far - Earth Day 2024

A deep and evolving commitment to sustainability and ethics is at the core of our values as a brand, so Earth Day always holds a special significance for us. This year we wanted to share a few of our proudest moments from an ongoing journey to make our business as responsible as possible. It’s a tough mission with constant room needed for learning and growth, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Earth Day - we hope this post inspires you to play your part environmentally, as we try to play ours!

Why is a commitment to ethics and sustainability so important to us?

When founder Ayten began developing her initial concepts for the luxury lingerie brand we know today, she knew that a sustainable approach would be fundamental. This, she committed, must exist alongside a totally ethical production, with a transparent supply line that ensured all workers who helped contribute to her final pieces were both treated and paid fairly. Having witnessed first-hand the exploitation of fast fashion workers during her childhood, Ayten was determined to ensure that Ayten Gasson would prioritise the planet and its people, simultaneously embracing luxurious, premium and long-lasting materials. 

Our key sustainable achievements (so far!)

  • Movements away from conventional silk 

While traditional silk has long been associated with luxury lingerie and intimates, it’s sadly not the most sustainable fabric. Our journey away from conventional silk has been a considered process, but we’re now able to use bamboo silk and jersey proudly in over half of our collections. Alongside this, our Selena range is our first to utilise GOTS-certified organic silk, reducing the chemically pollutive effects of a traditional silk process. 

  • Embracing ethical lace

Another lingerie staple - over the years, we have sought to make the lace that adorns our intimates continuously more sustainable. Every trim and detailed cup is now crafted from either locally-made lace or courtesy of our Okeo-Tex-certified suppliers based in Germany (you can read more about their production processes here). 

  • Community work in our local sustainable space

    We realise that a commitment to sustainability has to extend beyond work within our brand to be a force of real change. Over the past year, Ayten has collaborated with several local, conscious brands to take part in The Sustainable Spotlight pop-up, bringing shoppers an opportunity to consume responsibly and support the local economy. She has also featured as a panellist at Brighton’s first Sustainable Fashion Week, sharing her experiences with sustainable production and promoting concepts for a more eco-friendly future. 

    • Writing off waste

      Only too aware of the disastrous effects that excess waste from the fashion industry brings upon our natural world, we’re a brand determined to cut out waste wherever possible. With this in mind, all Ayten Gasson pieces are made using small batch production or are made to order. This avoids both wasting materials and avoids the need to hold onto deadstock. Any fabric waste we do incur avoids the bin at all costs and is donated to creative projects in our local schools. 

      • Switching to 100% in-house manufacturing 

        While we have worked using third-party production methods in the past, Ayten desired both greater creative and sustainable control over the creation of her label’s garments. The switch up to 100% in-house manufacturing from our seaside Hove studio means that every aspect of production is in our hands, allowing us to keep a tighter eye on quality and be far more conscious of our environmental output. Ayten personally selects every fabric, material and supplier to ensure each aligns with our dedication to sustainability and ethical design. 

        What does 2024 hold for Ayten Gasson and our sustainability mission? 

        As any small brand with big sustainable dreams knows, our journey is all about small steps to make big changes. It’s not an overnight process, and Ayten is constantly seeking fabrics and processes that can help the brand build and grow, responsibly. 

        Continuing to bring our sustainable designs to an audience IRL, this year Ayten Gasson will be popping up once again, this time in Dukes Lane from the 11th April until the 12th of May! We hope to see you there!