Our Alternative To Black Friday 🖤

Our Alternative To Black Friday 🖤

We always try to produce our lingerie in the most ethical way possible. We also offer the occasional discount code or incentive to shop with us, which we hope you enjoy! But we also can't compete with the brands and companies who can afford to slash their prices for one weekend or those who overprice their products so they can reduce them for effect.


Our Alternative Black Friday Sale


Three years ago we found a way to offer a discount to our customers in the most ethical and transparent way we could. We are constantly making bespoke pieces for our customers and were often left with off cuts that are too small to make into a collection. Small amounts of vintage lace, elastic trims and silk pieces are stored in boxes too beautiful not to use.

Josephine Silk Thong

So I introduced my limited edition sale knickers, sold at a lower price because - in my eyes the fabric had already been paid for and would only go to waste if not used. These knickers are VERY limited edition, with a maximum of 5 being made in each style.

Elizabeth Silk Knicker

Some of the laces used were made in the 1970's and 80's in mills which have since closed because people wanted cheaper alternatives.

Black Friday Knicker

This is our way of offering a black Friday sale without losing the ethos behind our label.

We hope you like it!