Looking Back On Lingerie Trends Since Our 2005 Launch - And What To Expect Next

Looking Back On Lingerie Trends Since Our 2005 Launch - And What To Expect Next

In the past almost two decades since our brand launch, we have witnessed many lingerie trends come and go. While we choose to take a more timeless approach to our luxury designs, rather than adapting to everchanging fads, it’s always fascinating to see which way the style wind will blow next. We may not adopt the same style fickleness, but we always like to keep our finger on the pulse of contemporary tastes, to bring our customers silkwear pieces they can identify with and love, well after the world of fashion has shifted direction once more. In our latest blog article, we’re looking back on the main lingerie trends since our 2005 launch, what we can learn from them and how they have influenced the designs we create today.

Lingerie as outwear

Embracing underwear as outwear has been popular since the early 2000s, but really ramped up a gear in the past few years. It blurs the lines between conventional intimates and everydaywear, and while intimidating to some, it certainly makes your investment pieces much more versatile. Our Bella Camisoles have been designed for wear both at home and out, allowing you to embrace this timeless trend without having to bear all. 

Bella Yellow Organic Bamboo Silk Camisole


The mid-2010s ushered a new intimates wave in the form of flattering shapewear. With tightfitting, bodycon garments all the rage, consumers were seeking underwear that would both smooth and slim their figures, making hourglass, once again, the coveted silhouette of the moment. While we haven’t chosen to jump on the traditional shapewear trend bandwagon (we like to be able to breathe when wearing underwear thanks!), Ayten Gasson appreciates the sleek delicacy of silk slips when layered under clothing to smooth and comfort, and our Zoe black silk and lace slip is a product of this. 

Zoe Black Silk & Lace Slip by Ayten Gasson

Sporty-chic comfort 

Another lingerie wave took over in the 2010s, and it prioritised comfort above all. Within the sporty-chic trend, excessive padding and push-ups were replaced with comfy bralettes and briefs. Easeful lingerie has always been Ayten Gasson’s end goal, with a desire to combine luxury silk and lace pieces with relaxing silhouettes that can be worn and loved daily. Our Everday Luxury Collection is a curation of handcrafted lingerie staples that embrace comfort with every stitch. 

Clara White Silk & Lace Plunge Bra

Sheer statements 

A celebration of the body in its natural form has been a trend steadily on the rise for years now, with sheer lingerie pieces offering daily opportunities to feel confident and sensual in your own skin. Incorporating many of our most loved materials and motifs, like lace and fine embroidery, you can lean into this timeless trend across our entire range, especially within our Dawn collection.

Dawn Ecru Eco Lace Bralette by Ayten Gasson

Diversity and body positivity 

The last decade has seen an overdue movement towards body positivity and a celebration of all shapes in lingerie. Calls for wider size ranges and nude lingerie pieces that accurately reflect and flatter people of colour are finally starting to be heard, and Ayten Gasson has always been committed to ensuring our intimates are created for all. Each design welcomes people of all genders and sizes, with expansions to our size range proudly arriving this summer. 

What does the future hold for lingerie?

As the fashion wheel continues to turn, we find ourselves wondering where it will direct us next. Predictions suggest a great focus on sustainability and responsibility across the lingerie landscape, with more emphasis being placed on the materials used and ethical production processes. Sustainability has never been a trend for our brand, but rather a dedicated mission. If there’s ever a style movement we hope will stick around for the long haul, it’s this one.