IWD 2024: Philosophies To Empower And Embolden At Ayten Gasson

IWD 2024: Philosophies To Empower And Embolden At Ayten Gasson

Early March holds space for International Women’s Day 2024, another opportunity for us to reflect on the achievements of women the world over and seek ways we can collectively strive to do better for global gender equity. As a female-founded, run and supported brand, we felt it only right to mark this IWD by sharing the empowering philosophies that are stitched into the luxury lingerie we craft, helping our customers project a sense of confidence each day. 

6 core philosophies we embrace on IWD and beyond

  1. Timeless designs that make you feel as good as they look

From our brand’s inception, founder Ayten has committed to creating enduring silkwear designs that ignite inner strength while embodying feminine poise, fostering a sense of enduring confidence for all who wear her range:

“In a world often dominated by mass-produced garments, handcrafted lingerie offers a personalised touch that resonates with women seeking something beyond the ordinary. Moreover, wearing luxurious lingerie can evoke a sense of confidence and unparalleled self-assurance.”

“The sustainable fabrics and intricate designs I create can make them feel beautiful, sensual, and empowered. It's not just about how the lingerie looks on the outside but how it makes the wearer feel on the inside, prioritising their comfort and pleasure. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of handcrafted lingerie can enhance a woman's sense of femininity and self-worth, encouraging her to embrace her body and embrace her unique beauty.” - Ayten Roberts, founder and designer 

Each knicker, bra and nightwear piece is designed to celebrate all bodies, allowing comfort to be cherished without ever compromising on style. Ayten Gasson is proud to be ever-expanding our size range, allowing people of all shapes and forms to honour their bodies in this way.

Ayten Gasson Designer Ayten Roberts

  1. Expert craftsmanship is king queen

A graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins, Ayten has spent years refining and mastering the traditional sewing technique that brings our lingerie to life. Every item is made with precise attention to detail, ensuring the confidence they manifest stands the test of time for our customers. From intricate lacework to delicate bow detailing, each finishing touch is designed to encourage a deeper layer of self-love.

Ayten Gasson Handcrafted Lingerie 

  1. A brand inspired by women, determined to make a change 

Female strength and dedicated craftsmanship have been woven into the very heart of Ayten Gasson from day one - quite literally. Ayten grew up surrounded by powerful female influences, most notably her mother and grandmother, both garment makers who highlighted the creative talent of women, but also the exploitation they face.

Both fast-fashion workers, Ayten witnessed her maternal relatives' skills be capitalised on by large companies for pay well below the minimum wage. Determined to make a difference, our brand was launched with an absolute commitment to ethical sourcing and production, refusing to take part in a culture of instant fashion that predominantly young women in developing countries pay the price for.

Handcrafted Lingerie by Ayten Gasson

  1. A collaborative approach to uplift other female brand owners 

It’s integral for Ayten Gasson to ensure that when championing our own label, we similarly uplift fellow female business owners. We view this as a collaborative force for change; when one of us wins, we all do. 

Over the past year, Ayten has taken part in The Sustainable Spotlight pop-up, partnering with other small, women-led brands in the Brighton area, as well as playing a central role in a panel discussion featuring local female makers at the first-ever Brighton Sustainable Fashion Week. Additionally, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting our first solo pop-up this April - stay tuned for more details to come on that soon. 

 Brighton Sustainable Fashion Week

  1. Inclusivity for all

As a Brighton-based business, we proudly live in a corner of the world that loudly champions inclusivity for all sexualities and genders. Our brand must serve as a safe and welcoming space for all, unconfined by traditional gender binaries, norms or expectations. Put simply, everyone deserves to feel confident, beautiful and empowered, using lingerie as a form of self-expression that feels authentic and validating. 

Ayten Gasson Lingerie

  1. Ethical fabrics that put women first

Our commitment to sustainable, ethical fabrics allows us to place the protection of our planet at the forefront, simultaneously taking a stand against immoral apparel production that affects female workers in some of the poorest parts of the world. Instead of working with fabrics central to this exploitation, we instead source materials where the lifecycle can be traced entirely, ensuring no person, nor our planet, suffers as a result. Discover more about the range of sustainable fabrics we use to make our luxury lingerie here.

Organic Bamboo Silk Samples