Equity Vs Equality - Celebrating IWD 2023

Equity Vs Equality - Celebrating IWD 2023

March marks the honouring of an annual International Women’s Day. Celebrated each year on the 8th of the month, this is a day to recognise the achievements of women across the globe, while also highlighting the adversities, challenges and barriers we still must work through.

This IWD, the chosen theme is #embracingequity, acknowledging a desperate need for an inclusive space for ALL women that cannot be achieved with a sole focus on equality. While equal opportunities have been the rallying cry of a historic feminist movement, this fight must now transform to become more intersectional, championing all women beyond the limits of equality alone. That’s why this year, we’re choosing equity. 

What does equity mean?

You’ll be familiar with the meaning of equality, but what does equity mean in the context of women’s rights? It’s vital to understand the difference between these two terms, and how equity needs to be prioritised in our societal consciousness.

Unlike equality, equity takes into account different factors and limitations that a person may face in life, and allows them the necessary resources and support to reach an equal playing field with others. This may be easier explained through the diagram below, with equality demonstrated on the left and equity on the right:

Equity Vs Equality

This year’s theme - #EmbracingEquity

Embracing equity means embracing an inclusive world. In this world, we can allow all women to thrive, no matter their race, religion, ability, sexual identity or socioeconomic background. We must acknowledge that the “fairness” of equal opportunities only works when everyone starts out on the same footing. 

Gender stereotypes, bias and discrimination on a number of levels can prevent women from ever being able to feel the full benefit of equal opportunities, which is where the concept of equity has to come into play.

How you can do your part this IWD

So what’s your role to play this International Women’s Day? This is a day as much about celebration as it is about raising awareness and educating those around you. Here are a few simple ways you can choose to #embraceequity and uplift the women in your life:

  • Share your favourite female-owned business. Shout out some inclusive and diverse female-owned brands through your social media to help support and expand awareness of their business. 
  • Shop with female-owned brands and businesses. Take some time to research female-led businesses you could invest more support in this year. Hint: you’ve found one already with us here at Ayten Gasson!
  • Have open conversations with your friends and family. Share everything you’ve learnt this IWD about #embracingequality with your nearest and dearest. Spreading awareness is key to changing attitudes around inclusion and opportunities for all. 

Ayten Gasson takes huge amounts of pride in being a female-founded and led business. The theme of this year's International Women’s Day truly resonates with us, and we make it our steadfast aim to create sustainable lingerie with every woman in mind. 

Shop our range here, and have a very happy IWD!

Words by Alice Hartwell for Ayten Gasson