What's the difference between Organic and 'Normal' silk?

We are often asked what the difference is between organic silk and the silk we use for our other collections. We also have a few puzzled looks when we introduced our Peace Silk collection, including our Vegan Nipple Pasties! So we thought we should enlighten you to why we feel it is important to use these ethical fabrics, and why we will plan to expand our eco lingerie collection.

What's the difference between Organic and 'normal' silk?

We are proud to work with the only company in the UK who specialises in organic silk fabrics. In a similar process to farming, organic silk production means that no pesticides, insecticides or harsh chemicals have been used in the production of the silk fibre and in producing the finished cloth. Organic silk is the softest and must beautiful silk we have ever seen and used for our pieces, inspiring us to create more of our ranges in this stunning ethical fabric. 

We are currently researching organic plant dyes which will allow us to expand our Eco Lingerie range. Organic silk is currently only available in a natural cream, making it perfect for bridal but not for some of our key fashion pieces. Once we have the knowledge to ethically dye our silk we will be launching a full range of ethical lingerie, nightwear and accessories.

What is Peace Silk and Vegan Silk?

Peace silk  and vegan silk are actually the same thing. To explain what makes the silk vegan we must first understand how conventional silk is produced. 

Silk is produced when an adult silk worm begins to spin a fibroin protein which they produce themselves. The strain of silk is woven into a tightly enclosed cocoon. Each cocoon can be formed from up to 100 meters of silk. Next, the silk worm secretes a fluid which burns a hole thought the weave allowing it to emerge. Unfortunately this also damages and breaks the fibre. Instead, the farmer kills the silk worm by boiling  it alive, saving the silk. 

Peace silk is vegan because it allows the silkworm to emerge out of the cocoon naturally. Fibres from the damaged cocoon are then spun together forming a silk which has the same luxurious feel as Organic silk, with a raw appearance. 

What's next for Ayten Gasson Lingerie ?

We feel it is important to try and be as ethical as possible in all aspects of the label. We will ALWAYS make all of our items in Great Britain and proudly mark our ranges 'Made In The UK'. When possible, all our elastics and ribbons are sourced in the UK while our laces are from British mills. Read our blog post on why we feel it is important to support UK manufacturing here

While we will continue to use Organic and Peace Silk in our Eco Lingerie collections, we will be researching organic dyes and natural printing methods, which we hope to introduce over the next couple of seasons. So keep your eyes peeled!

View our Eco Lingerie Collection here.

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