Handmade And Bespoke Lingerie

Since we closed our wholesale business in December 2013, we are pleased to say our retail site has grown and we are now able to introduce a wider collection of styles to our collections. We have been experimenting with different types of silks, laces and have been able to invest in some beautiful vintage Nottingham laces. We have also designed a diffusion range of silk chiffon bed jackets which will be be launching in the next couple of weeks - priced at a lower price point. 

We have also been inundated with requests for bespoke lingerie, with customers asking for their favourite Ayten Gasson pieces to be made in different coloured silks or with different trims. Each request has been a joy to make and it is always lovely to hear feedback from a delighted customer. Our favourite request has been to produce a range of bridesmaid boxes for a very special bride to give to her maids on her big day! 

We are also pleased to announce that since closing our wholesale side of the business we have been lucky enough to move a lot of our production into our studio here in beautiful Brighton. This means many of the pieces on our online boutique have been handmade by either myself or my small team of dedicated and skilled seamstresses. Each piece has been cut out by hand, sewn using traditional methods and high quality machines, and finished by hand. All cotton threads have been cut by hand, all pieces have been pressed and seamed by us, and all charms and buttons have been sewn on by hand. We even cover all our silk buttons by hand (a very time consuming job but the finished result is beautiful!)

So, if you are looking for something extra special for yourself or as a gift we are very happy to announce that we can now consider a whole range of bespoke lingerie. Please email us at info@aytengasson.com and we'll see if we can make the perfect piece for you.