How Our Lingerie Brand Has (Ethically And Sustainably) Evolved Over 19 Years

How Our Lingerie Brand Has (Ethically And Sustainably) Evolved Over 19 Years

It’s hard to believe it’s been 19 years since our founder Ayten launched her self-named luxury lingerie label in the summer of 2005. Nearing two decades under our (suspender) belt, each new year has brought constant learning, transformation and evolution, especially within our ethical and sustainable missions. To mark our 19th birthday, we wanted to share just a few ways our business has grown throughout this journey, and the exciting prospects our future holds. 

Switchups for sustainable fabrics

From day one, a conscious and sustainable approach to the fabrics that craft our lingerie has been Ayten’s goal. With countless years of research, trials and a few errors along the way for good measure, we are proud to produce a range that predominantly utilises and highlights responsible materials. We have now even been able to move away from conventional silks in favour of GOTS-certified organic silk, which can be found throughout our Selena range, with plans to expand across the board in future. 

Selena Organic Silk & Lace Side Tie Knicker

Other sustainable materials that have gradually found their way to our design table and throughout our collections include bamboo silk, Oekotex® Chanty Lace and recycled cotton jersey. Founder Ayten is constantly on the front foot to source a greater selection of eco-fabrics to integrate into her classic designs - so watch this space. 

A wider, more inclusive size range

Being a small business, we have historically been held back from being able to create the size range we truly desire, and know that you as customers truly deserve. Luxury lingerie should not just be for the few, and it has been a great mission to allow those of all sizes and shapes to confidently shop our silkwear pieces. This objective has only been fuelled after recent interactions with you IRL at our various pop-ups over the last year, where we clearly heard and recognised the demand for a more diverse sizing system.


With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that Ayten has been meticulously working on delivering new patterns that are set to launch through our online store in June. These designs will be available in a much more inclusive size range, accommodating those requiring XS, XL and XXL. As with the rest of our range, these pieces will be made in small batches to avoid overproduction, whilst still allowing us to cater to a greater reach of size needs. 

A movement away from mass production 

When first launching the brand, Ayten worked with a few factories to stock her designs with a number of independent boutiques and department stores. While she always ensured these production houses abided by her strict ethical expectations, Ayten desired greater control over the creation of her garments, to ensure minimal waste and deadstock. It was with this vision that our label evolved away from mass production and instead focused on small-batch crafting, taking the business online permanently. 

Now operating completely from our Hove studio, we have gained total regulation over our production process, allowing Ayten to handcraft items to order or in small batches to realistically meet customer demand, without leaving us with lots of excess waste and stock. Any that we do incur, we’re always seeking ways to upcycle. For example, most of our leftover fabric is currently donated to local schools or art projects. 

Gift wrapping options to limit waste

Ayten Gasson appreciates that when shopping luxury items, many customers expect opulence in every aspect, including packaging. We also, however, recognise the calls from conscious consumers to limit unnecessary packaging materials and instead provide options for a stripped-back delivery to reduce waste. In recent years, we have chosen to adopt a flexible packaging policy. Shoppers who don’t wish to receive their lingerie in a luxury gift box can simply select “No Gift Wrap” at check out, and they will instead have their chosen items shipped in a biodegradable postage bag or box. 

19 years of progress, and we’re not stopping here

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported our label for almost 20 years. It has certainly come with its challenges and navigating as a small business in the current climate isn’t an easy task, but it has come with huge rewards that we wouldn’t trade. Ayten Gasson invites you to be an active member of our evolution moving forward - if you have any suggestions, thoughts or advice about how we can continue to develop our sustainability and ethical commitments, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a message at