A Gentleman's Guide To Knickers

It doesn’t matter how old a man – or boy – is, from the most awkward teenager to the most urbane, confident mature gentleman. One thing unites most males – knickers. In particular the feeling of excitement that even just the mention of the word ‘knickers’ evokes. Sure, bras are exciting too and obviously hold our attention throughout our adult life, they get all the plaudits as the beacons of titillation. But it is the underrated knicker that really gets our attention.

Bras have to be ‘worked out’. They have a (not really very) arcane and magical sizing system designed to befuddle us. Bras are not a man’s best friend. They confuse us. But knickers are a thing of simple (although admittedly, not always so simple) beauty. They are easy to work out. We know where we are with knickers. These far from complex pieces of lingerie covering up the most intimate parts of the female body are easy to understand. But that’s not saying that men can’t do with a bit of further education.

Sizing is vitally important, but SO much easier to find out than the aforementioned bra hieroglyphics. Small, medium and large etc is basically the extent of the knicker code – maybe with a few subsections thrown in if you want to get overly detailed. And as much as you may feel you are taking your life in your hands by deciding that the ‘large’ is nearer the truth, your partner will thank you for making the correct decision. A correct fit is better than a vanity choice. And at Ayten Gasson if the size you end up going for isn’t the right one, just let them know and they'll send out the right one. There’s no point getting a luxurious piece of beautiful lingerie if you aren’t going to make it absolutely perfect.

If you’re still a bit unsure of what to go for and your underwear knowledge is limited to boxers or briefs, here’s a quick rundown of the different types the talented people at Ayten Gasson have on offer.

Let’s start with a basic – the Brief (or Classic Knicker ). A beautiful example of this is the Dalihia. It’s a simple shape but with the added black and nude lace gives it a luxurious feel of sophistication. Or you could go a little extra and choose the Skirted Knicker – a classic silk knicker but with a silk skirt detail trimmed with Nottingham lace for that extra sense of excitement.


Classic Skirted Knicker

Classic Skirted Knicker


For even more of a visual thrill you could go for the Ruffle Knicker, such as the Champagne Fizz . It’s a silk knicker with elastic detailing around the leg to create a frilly, or ruffle, effect. And even more enticing is that as these knickers don’t really sit smoothly under clothing - they are much more suited to the boudoir (or bedroom if you prefer). This glamourous gold knicker is trimmed in a vintage Nottingham lace and is made in limited edition runs.  

For even more of an effortless sense of sexiness there’s the Side Tie Knicker, such as the Eve, which is also made from 100% cruelty free Peace silk. Sitting on the hips it is definitely worth noting that the ribbon ties at the side or not just for show.


Maisie French Knicker


Now for one you are more likely to have heard of. The French Knicker, such as the Maisie, has wider sides and usually less fabric covering the bottom – hence its enduring popularity. The Maisie is cut to create a flattering fit and should be an essential in any lingerie drawer! The Tap Pant is similar to the French Knicker – feminine, flattering and sometimes flared. The Peace Silk Tap Pant is a good example of this playful style.


Julia Ouvert Knicker 

And if you really want to treat your partner to something very special you should look no further than the Julia - an excellent example of the more risqué Ouvert Knicker. For those not up on their French, ‘ouvert’ means open and that’s exactly what it promises. It’s a Classic Knicker that has an opening at the back held together by delicate ribbons. And the Julia is even more special thanks to the lace back. Or if you prefer something a little flirty you should try the Isla Frilly Knickers, in emerald, ruby and gold. This silk classic knicker has three rows of silk ruffles along the back to create a playful and cuter knicker style!


So now hopefully you have a little bit more expert knowledge to be able to select the perfect knicker for the perfect person.


Written by Dan Roberts - Husband of a lingerie designer.