Chloe Lace Front Knicker by Ayten Gasson

The Work Behind Our Garments

Now more than ever, how, and where you spend your money matters.
Although we understand that not everyone has the money to spend on luxury pieces, we wanted to highlight the value of our garments and the craftsmanship that goes into them.

Dusty Pink Silk Satin

We strive to only use the best fabrics we can get our hands on, whilst trying to reduce our carbon footprint and stay within our price point. Our silks are purchased in London, our stretch fabrics are made out of sustainably and responsibly sourced fabrics, and our laces are either vintage, ‘deadstock’, or made from recycled yarns. We have also recently introduced bamboo silk to our ranges, which is a more sustainable option compared to traditional silk satin.

French Seam

We construct our garments using traditional sewing techniques where possible. All of our camisoles, slips, French knickers, high waisted knickers, and classic knickers are made with French seams. This type of seam uses two sets of stitching, enclosing the raw edge of the fabric between the two stitches. We also ‘bag out’ our gussets, again enclosing the raw edges between two layers of fabric. These methods are used in couture pieces, as these seams stand the test of time and increase the longevity of garments.

Ayten Gasson Studio

We hand make all of our garments in our studio in Hove. When we say our garments are ethically made, we mean that our employees have constructed them in safe, comfortable working environments whilst being paid above the living wage. It is extremely important to us that our studio is a safe space, as we spend a lot of time in there crafting each and every order by hand – from cutting the fabric to adding the postage label to the box!

We hope that this has given you a bit of insight as to why it is important to consider investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time if you are able to!