Ethical Production At Ayten Gasson

Ethical Production At Ayten Gasson

Ethical production is extremely important to us at Ayten Gasson and we aim to be as sustainable as possible in the way we run our business.

 Ayten Gasson Studio Space Brighton

We make all our pieces in our Brighton boutique, meaning there is minimal carbon footprint on our lingerie. We also use UK suppliers as much as possible and use natural fibres such as silk and cotton as our base fabrics, which reduces plastic pollution.

 Ayten Gasson Handmade Lingerie

In an attempt to limit wastage we also only make a few of each style at a time, which means that we are not left with any dead stock. The way we work with our customers in creating bespoke orders also means that we only use the materials we need.

 Ayten Gasson Vintage Lace

We have always strived to use vintage English lace in our pieces – it highlights the wonderful production techniques that the Nottingham lace mills were famous for and sits beautifully with the silk. We are also able to reclaim and reuse laces which would be seen as wastage to larger companies. Creating an organic and ethical range was just as important to us and the Daphne bamboo set and Aya modal (beach wood) silk mix set helps show that designers can produce exquisite pieces responsibly.

 Ayten Gasson Ethical Aya Model Set

Competing with the high street - and their mass produced items – is difficult due to the higher prices paid for sourcing ethical materials and trims. But we believe this is a very important issue on an environmental and social level and will always attempt to produce our lingerie as sustainable as possible.

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Please get in touch if you have any suggestions, requests or advice on how we can continue to produce our lingerie ethically.