How To Wash Silk Lingerie

Each item in our collection is made in Britain with extra love and care. The silk and lace pieces have all been tried and tested in our studio and washed in a dozen different ways to see which will keep the silk luxurious and the delicate lace trims intact.

Everyday wear will affect the quality of your silk lingerie. Body heat, body lotions and perfumes will spoil the fabric, so extra care has to been given when washing each piece. It may be time consuming, but we highly recommend hand washing every silk and lace piece from our collections. The extra time spent caring for each piece will make them last so much longer. Use a mild soap or silk wash. Never use a washing machine detergent, as this will be too harsh. One option is to use a gentle non-bio baby detergent. Or you could splash out and purchase a silk detergent or lingerie wash such as La Blanc Linen Wash or Persil Silk and Wool Wash. Don’t twist your knickers to ring them out. Instead gently dry them inside a towel.  

Never (ever!) tumble dry silk. It will ruin the fabric and destroy the cotton laces. The elastic trims also loosen when exposed to heat so a dryer will wreck all parts of your lingerie.   Instead you could hang it over a clothes horse or on a hanger and let it dry naturally. If any of your silk lingerie needs ironing, such as the babydolls, slips or bed jackets, we recommend using the silk setting on your iron and using a clean tea towel or pillow case to protect the fabric.

Extra bit of advice: Never try to clean a mark on your silk with water. Water will stain the silk and leave a watermark. Oil stains can be removed by using a small amount of talcum powder. Leave for 5 minutes before brushing the talc off gently. Any make up stains or marks should be removed by using the steps outlined above.