British Lingerie Label Ayten Gasson Continues To Support UK Manufacturing

With the recent claim that Mary Portas is “turning the lights back on for great British manufacturing” with her Kinky Knickers collection, Roberts explains how UK lingerie designers have long been supporting the UK lingerie manufacturing industry and firmly believes that consumers do buy British.

Launched in 2005, Ayten Gasson Lingerie has become famed for a firm commitment to supporting the UK fashion industry. Whilst demonstrating a passion for luxurious design and the importance of quality construction, she is vigilant in supporting the few remaining underwear factories in the UK. Ayten is also well known for her use of Nottingham lace, and new English lace, highlighting the traditional skills which the UK was once celebrated for. In addition to this, Peace Silk and Organic Silk regularly feature within her collections as a testament to her ethical and sustainable approach to production. Every lingerie item from bed jackets to teddies are lovingly produced in small production units in London, Nottingham and Wales.

Not alone in her convictions, Ayten Gasson is proud of her peers within the lingerie industry. Other luxury lingerie brands such as Ell and CeeVelda Lauder and Kiss Me Deadly endeavor to produce at least 50% if not all of their products within the UK, if not all. Whilst The Lingerie Collective boutique (where Ayten is stocked) and trade show really do shine a bright light on the wealth of support for UK industry.

Not only meeting the growing demand from ethically conscious consumers in Great Britain, Ayten Gasson Lingerie also supplies boutiques in America, Switzerland and Dubai. Proving that 'English heritage' is popular worldwide, sales are frequently made in America and Australia – sharing a little of our great British charm across the globe.