5 Pieces Of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

We are pleased to announace we have our first guest post by Ally Teal from lingerie blog Guilty Pleasures.

Ally is a   fashion lover and a lingerie passionate. She loves to travel   and discover new lingerie brands from all over the world. She shares her personal insight on the amazing world of lingerie at Guilty-Pleasures.org, a blog about lingerie we all covet. Her work is meant to reflect her strong belief that lingerie is about expressing oneself and embracing our pleasures with total confidence in who we are.

Hope you enjoy her post! x

As time passes by, the world as we know it changes. Values change, desires arise, needs grow.

But there is one thing that remains the same: what I, as woman, represent.

Ever since the Victorian era, a woman’s beauty was highly praised. It’s the reason why the boudoir was invented, the most personal and intimate private bedroom where the woman is on her greatest heights, as intimately as possible.

Well, the Victorian era is now gone, but women continue to be adulated for what they represent: beauty, seduction, sensuality, the discovery of the deepest senses a man can bear.

In a boudoir, you can have any, and I mean anything you want. But there are 5 items that are by far essential.

First of all, when I hear the word “boudoir”, I see camisoles, the perfect representation of sensuality. Sensuality is fluid and has no boundaries. Camisoles are just the same. They are the contemporary negligee, loose-fit and sleeveless, made of silk, satin or other slippery fabrics. Maybe not the flirtiest undergarment a woman can bear, but definitely the most glamorous and delicate. Camisoles announce that the night is around the corner and we all know that the night is always young. You might just as well greet it properly, wouldn’t you say?

But delicacy is always joined by a more teasing outfit, such as bras. There is an infinity of bras, carefully designed by worldwide designers to match a woman’s needs for expressing her deepest wild sensuality. This undergarment focuses on the upper body and therefore, highlights it. Just like its historic counterpart, the corset, the bra has a certain erotic significance and is by far a symbol of femininity. It’s a good enough reason for women to have as many bras as possible in their secret boudoirs, one for each occasion.

Your boudoir will never be complete if you don’t have a wide range of knickers to match with each outfit. Luckily, designers know so well what a woman needs, and the outcome of their work is a reflection of their deep understanding. It’s all in vain if you don’t have the perfect knickers, with the perfect outline and just the perfect details. My personal favorite is the peek-a-boo. It’s a game that only players know how to play.

But you don’t want to reveal the mystery too quickly. For this reason, satin robes are a key undergarment for any woman. It’s like walking on the streets of a city that appears to be as quiet as a mouse, but you know there’s a wild noise hiding behind the still walls. This is what seduction is all about: making your man discover what lies underneath. Robes may just as well be the key to femininity.

The 5th element is of course the eyemask. Some people, women also, don’t see the importance of eye masks. For me, the eye mask is the ultimate pampering. Being able to say “Good night, world!” while your eyes are being caressed by satin and silk is a rare feast. There is no caprice bigger than this one, which makes the eye mask an item that cannot be dismissed from your boudoir.

The boudoir is the most intimate place where a woman can express herself as she is: an exponent of sensuality, playfulness and profound delicacy. This is one fact that history will never lose sight of.

This is a guest post signed by Ally Teal, a passionate lingerie lover. She writes about lingerie you covet  at Guilty-Pleasures.org.