The Eve Collection Shot By Timothy Girgis

In December 2013 I was lucky enough to meet one of my most loyal of customers, Timothy Girgis, who lives in Amsterdam. Timothy and his girlfriend Ali have become friends with everyone involved with Ayten Gasson Lingerie, especially when Timothy helped design three bespoke pieces, which we were able to make for Ali's birthday . Timothy kindly wrote a guest post on our site which can be read here


We all finally met up for a coffee while Timothy was visiting the UK, and discussed the different ways we could all work together again. Timothy had expressed his passion for photography, so we came to the conclusion that a mini shoot would be a fun way to work together again. 

Eve Camisole


The final images are breathtakingly beautiful and we cannot thank Timothy and his team enough for all his hard work. What do you think of the images? We would love to hear your feedback!

Hotel La Pinsonerie - 92 vondelstraat in Amsterdam 
Hair - Emma in Amsterdam +31 6 55263117
Photos - Timothy Girgis -
Model - Victoria Rose
Makeup - Red Carpet Queen in Amsterdam

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