A Man’s Guide to Buying (Festive) Lingerie

A while back you may remember that I shared my learned knowledge of lingerie to help any men out there who didn’t know their teddies from their camisoles or their pasties from their tap pants. This was not done to prove how much more enlightened I was than any men reading, but to share some of my luck of being married to a lingerie designer and impart the wisdom that I had picked up along the way. So treat this as a sequel. Now you know the main characters we can put your newfound knowledge to work at a very crucial gift buying (and receiving!) time – Christmas.

Giving lingerie at Christmas always seems like a great idea. Not only does it show you think the woman in your life is beautiful but you know what they would like to feel good about themselves. The reality can be very much different. Forget about the disaster of getting sizes wrong causing a whole heap of hurt before offering up receipts for exchanges (and losing all bonus points for buying lingerie in the first place). I’m talking about buying lingerie that a man may think is ‘sexy’ but comes from the kind of knowledge only years as a teenager spent watching speciality films in the privacy of your bedroom. Word to the wise…those cheap looking red suspenders are not going to do the job. So let me tell you what I know and what can make any significant others’ Christmas – on any budget.

Stocking Fillers The budget end of the market is a sure fire way to look good – as long as you’ve already got her an extravagant main present! Silk padded eyemasks are a brilliant gift idea. Available in a range of colours, from black to champagne, they are all handmade in the UK. Instant luxury which also comes in fool proof one size fits all. Prices start at £18.00 - £22.00.

Under £50 These are the presents that will make a definite impression without breaking the bank. There’s the cocktail silk knicker range which is perfect for the time of year. They are £38 and include Raspberry Daiquiri and Bellini Tini colours. Another selection under £50 that will be gratefully received is the Boxed Gift Sets (£49.00) that include a side tie knicker (in small, medium or large) plus an eyemask. As well as being a great present they come ready boxed!

Under £100 Ayten Gasson is known for their exquisite silk teddies – a luxury piece that all women should have in their lingerie draw (or so my wife tells me). A safe option that is sure to impress is the classic collection black silk teddy (£97.00). Instant elegance. There’s also the Lovers Mini Gift Set which, at £82 is a great deal for a black silk knicker, nipple pasties and a silk eyemask. You could go for the Complete Lovers Set that at £111 doesn’t strictly fall into this category but adds a pair of risqué silk love cuffs to the present. Probably best not to open this one in front of the in laws!

Over £100 For a present that will definitely be remembered you could choose a combination camisole and knicker set. The most popular this year has been the Alicia, a plum camisole with matching knicker trimmed with vintage Nottingham lace. Or for the ultimate luxurious treat why not go for the newly introduced champagne mid length bed jacket (£158) which can be matched with the champagne fizz knicker (£38) and eyemask (£20)

Finally, for the more eco friendly and ethically minded there are two separate camisole and knicker sets. The Organic silk camisole has the added benefit of being in sale at £58 plus a knicker at £26. Or the Peace silk camisole at £82 matched with a tap pant at £44. Confused by Peace silk and Organic silk? See here for an explanation of the different ethical fabrics.

So that gives even the most unimaginative amongst you a plethora of good gift ideas that should ensure that you bring a little cheer to the one you love this festive season.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Daniel Roberts (Husband of a lingerie designer)