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Is “Made In Britain” the new buzz phrase? – One year on

A year ago I voiced my views on the current ‘Made in Britain’ trend and my concern that the phase was only a buzzword that would be used until the spotlight faded on the subject. The launch of Mary Portas’ Kinky Knickers meant the UK fashion industry was in the public eye and it seemed the press loved that Portas was “turning the lights back on for Great British manufacturing”. Though I was disappointed to see that independent designers, myself included, were not being acknowledged for their continued support of the industry, I was hoping that it would highlight the importance of the UK manufacturing trade to a wider audience. A year on and I am pleased to say there have been...

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British Lingerie Label Ayten Gasson Continues To Support UK Manufacturing

With the recent claim that Mary Portas is “turning the lights back on for great British manufacturing” with her Kinky Knickers collection, Roberts explains how UK lingerie designers have long been supporting the UK lingerie manufacturing industry and firmly believes that consumers do buy British. Launched in 2005, Ayten Gasson Lingerie has become famed for a firm commitment to supporting the UK fashion industry. Whilst demonstrating a passion for luxurious design and the importance of quality construction, she is vigilant in supporting the few remaining underwear factories in the UK. Ayten is also well known for her use of Nottingham lace, and new English lace, highlighting the traditional skills which the UK was once celebrated for. In addition to this, Peace Silk and Organic Silk regularly feature within her collections...

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Is “Made in Britain” the new buzz phrase?

Anyone who has read a lingerie magazine, blog, or been on any of the numerous social networking sites recently would have seen the uproar at Mary Portas’ claim that she is “turning the lights back on Great British manufacturing”. With each new article on her range of Kinky Knickers we were all disappointed to hear her dismiss all the UK designers who have been proudly designing and manufacturing in the UK for years. But with each article also comes news that more and more labels are re-evaluating how and where their production is done. Sir Philip Green has promised to look into how the Arcadia Group can boost production in the UK, whilst River Island have introduced a UK made...

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