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Our Gift Guide: A Look Into Our Wonderful Suppliers

We wanted to give you some more information about our wonderful suppliers - who we feature instore and online - to shine a light on their creativity and to show how beautiful their pieces really are.  Kiss the Moon is a lovely night-time sleep aromatherapy brand based in the English countryside and they are driven by a passion to provide a beautiful night’s sleep. “Good sleep is fundamental to a successful beauty regime because it is while we sleep that the most active cell renewal happens. That’s why poor sleep so often results in poor skin. Our products not only help you get to sleep but also give your skin the nourishment it needs overnight as it repairs and regenerates”...

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Men’s Guide to Lingerie (Valentine’s Day edition)

As February 14th looms ever closer there will be many men dreading the day as one that shows them up to be the thoughtless, unromantic oafs that they truly are. Whether this is true for you or not we at Ayten Gasson would rather everyone was happy this Valentine’s Day so we have put together another guide to gift buying with this most special of days in mind. We’ve separated our gift ideas into groups according to budget but the most important thing is NOT TO FORGET ABOUT VALENTINE’S DAY!! With that in mind, we present our guide to gifts for the hopelessly in love… Under £25 Nina Eyemask (£22). Trimmed with English Leavers Lace, this luxurious silk eyemask is...

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